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129 migrants caught trying to cross into Greece

129 foreigner were caught trying to leave Turkey illegally during an anti-smuggling operation in southern Muğla province’s Fethiye district.

Fethiye Times News

A local shipmaster, attempting to illegally smuggle people out of the country, was also apprehended during the operation. Fethiye Coast Guard Boat Command  reported a suspicious boat passing Ölüdeniz early on Sunday.

42 Somalis, 26 Syrians, 23 Pakistanis, 19 Afghanis, 13 Iranians, 5 Iraqis and 1 Eritrean, including 22 children were caught after a search on the boat, reports said. The boat’s shipmaster identified as M.K. was arrested.

The migrants, who were brought to Fethiye from Istanbul by bus, reportedly paid $4,000 per person to be illegally smuggled into Italy.

The Provincial Immigration Administration will be handling the 129 migrants’ cases.

French writer to promote Fethiye around the world

French travel writer, Christian Bex, and his daughter, Camilla Devars Bex, spent the week touring the historic and natural wonders of Fethiye as guests of the Deniz Chamber of Commerce.

Fethiye Times News

Speaking to the press, Bex said he came to Turkey previously but this time he has the chance to get to know the country better. Stating that the region has unique historic and natural texture, adding that Fethiye has incredible tourism potential, Bex said, “Fethiye and its surroundings have developed immensely over the years. There are new restaurants, cafes and hotels everywhere, but the coast and nature of the district have managed to preserve their state of being untouched.”

Bex also stated the French mostly prefer Spanish coasts for holiday, however, he said Fethiye is more beautiful than Spain in terms of natural beauty.

The 70 year old author is expected to promote Fethiye through his travel blog.

Sea turtle becomes museum exhibit

The first Loggerhead sea turtle in the world to have a prosthetic jaw is now an exhibit in a museum.

Fethiye Times News

In 2015, the Iztuzu based Research, Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre for Sea Turtles (DEKAMER), in Dalyan, carried out an operation to replace the sea turtle’s damaged jaw with a prosthetic. The artificial jaw, which was made for the sea turtle called AKUT-3, was produced using a 3D printer. Both the turtle and the prosthetic is now on display at the Sea Turtle Museum in Ortaca, Muğla.

The Caretta caretta, which is housed in a glass case, is proving to be popular with visitors. Prof. Dr. Yakup Kaska, from the Department of Biology at the Faculty of Science of the Pamukkale University and the director of DEKAMER, explained what happened.

The operation to attach a 3D jaw prosthetic to AKUT-3 was undertaken for the first time ever by an international team, during the International Symposium on Sea Turtles in 2015. Prof. Dr. Kaska explained that when the sea turtle was brought to the centre, its lower jaw looked seemed to have been hacked off, possibly by a hatchet.

Prof. Dr. Kaska said “The operation to attach the prosthetic jaw was carried out and, for about two years, AKUT-3 led a normal life. It was unfortunate that due to secondary complications and other problems the sea turtle died.”

Fethiye Ramadan drummers protest

Five drummers gathered at the Beşkaza Square in Fethiye to protest against the banning of drums during Ramadan.

Fethiye Times News

During Ramadan in Turkey, Muslims are traditionally woken for their pre-dawn meal by drummers who take to the streets.

The drummers were reacting to the prohibiting of drum playing during Ramadan due to the fact that they are disturbing tourists in Fethiye.

Turkish Money

The British Pound bought 4.58 Turkish Lira (TL) by the close of business on Friday.

The week before it was selling for 4.69TL.

Weather Forecast

Here’s your weather forecast for the week ahead.

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