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Luxury megayacht, Ocean Victory, cruises into Fethiye

Gulets and boats moored in Fethiye’s marina were dwarfed on Monday when the Italian built megayacht, Ocean Victory, cruised into town.

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Photograph courtesy of yachtcharterfleet.com

The 140 meter, luxury yacht is owned by Russian businessman, Victor Rashnikov, and is the tenth largest yacht in the world. She has seven decks, six pools of up to eight metres long and an internal floatable dock for a 14-metre tender.

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350,000 litres (12 tankers worth) of fuel, at a cost of approximately one million TL, was needed to ‘fill her up’ before the Ocean Victory cruised back out of Fethiye on her way to the Caribbean.

Clean-ups signal new wave of action in Turkey

Every year, in April, Turkey celebrates Tourism Week and Fethiye has been doing it’s part for the 2017 season.

The Travel Foundation (working with the Fethiye Municipality, the Chamber of Shipping, TURMEPA and D Marin) arranged two clean-up events in the bays to help raise awareness of the Blue Wave project in the Fethiye area.

Harbour clean up

The first event took place at the Fethiye Harbour and three volunteer divers took to the water to remove some of the underwater rubbish from the daily tour boats docking area. A press event was held to raise awareness of the issue.

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Beach cleaning in the bays

30 volunteers then sailed to one of the bays for beach cleaning, returning with about 20 jumbo size bin bags to be taken to the Fethiye Municipality Recycling Facility. This activity highlights the need for everyone to get involved in protecting the environment so that visitors and locals can enjoy the area for many years.

Fethiye Times News

Fethiye Times News

The Blue Wave project aims to improve awareness and understanding of the threats to the marine environment from marine tourism, and improve the level of sustainable practices carried out within the sector and amongst tourists.

We Support British Citizens to Come to Turkey

British Ambassador, Richard Moore met with the Fethiye District Governor (Kaymakam), Ekrem Çalık on Thursday.

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British Ambassador, Richard Moore with Fethiye District Governor, Ekrem Çalık

Keeping British holidaymakers safe

During the meeting Ambassador Moore stated that he loves Fethiye very much and has also visited the resort for a holiday as well as official visits.

He explained that he had talked with authorities in Antalya and Muğla in April, and he said they wanted to keep the British holidaymakers safe. Moore said that they are cooperating with the authorities in the tourist areas and that British citizens want a peaceful and safe holiday.

“Come toTurkey”

Ambassador Moore emphasized that they support British citizens to come to Turkey, “We say, ‘Please come to Turkey.’ Generally, the holidays in Turkey are comfortable, you will have a lot of fun, but please pay attention to some issues. “

Underlining that Turkey has been through a difficult period, Moore said: “Some tourists are a bit worried because of terrorist attacks and a coup attempt in 2016. But I want to say that the Turkish authorities are taking all precautions. British and Turkish authorities want to keep the tourists safe,”

Kaymakam Çalık, who expressed his pleasure with the visit, said, “The foreigners who live in Fethiye are predominantly English, living in a brotherhood with the people of the district, so we are very pleased with this. Our society is also sensitive and the disturbances on the geography are not reflected in our region, and everyone can easily spend their holidays in Fethiye.”

Jet2 ramps up Turkey capacity for 2018

Jet2holidays has released its programmes for summer 2018, which include 30% more capacity into Turkey and slightly higher prices.

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(Photo shoot 0310-019). Launch of the new Jet2 services from East Midlands Airport.

Chief executive Steve Heapy said: “Turkey sold really well this year. It’s great value and was in much demand, so we’re putting more on for next year. With Turkey, it very much depends if it’s in the news, but then it always returns.”

Summer 18 programmes are already on sale for East Midlands, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle and Manchester, with programmes from Birmingham, London Stansted, Belfast and Leeds Bradford due to launch over the next few days and weeks.

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A nerve wracking time for Fethiyespor fans

After today’s 3-0 win for Fethiyespor, this is how the league table stands with one more game to play next week.

And finally some good news for photographers

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Turkish Money

The British Pound bought 4.66 Turkish Lira (TL) by the close of business on Friday.

The week before it was selling for 4.59 TL.

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