Fethiye Times News – our pick of what’s been going on in Fethiye and around the region over the last week.

World Autism Awareness day in Fethiye

April is National Autism Awareness Month and, all over the world, events are taking place to raise awareness of autism spectrum disorder.

Approximately 1 percent of the world population has autism spectrum disorder (Autism Society),  a range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication, as well as by unique strengths and differences.

Sunday 2nd April was World Autism Awareness day and Erasta Shopping Centre was the venue of an event to raise awareness of autism in Fethiye.

The event was hosted by Fethiye House Volunteers (Fethiye Evi Gönüllüleri) and a private rehabilitation centre, owned by Salih Dündar. During the event leaflets and information were provided explaining more about autistic spectrum disorder and the extra educational support an autistic child needs.

Light It Up Blue

Those who took part in the event wore blue in support of the Light It Up Blue campaign  and blue balloons were handed out.  The children then performed a dance.

Fethiye Volunteers, Nesrin Saatç said

“We supported the activities here today to raise awareness of the people of Fethiye. Our children’s dance show was very beautiful”

The autistic students studying in the program left those who attended with a profound message:

“We are, we are aware” 

Fethiye Street Dogs Medicated

Fethiye Municipality Animal Care Center veterinarian, Huseyin Canağara, and his workers were out on the streets of Fethiye this week carrying out inoculations, flea treatments, worming treatments and ear tag checks on street animals in the area.

Some animals were taken in for neutering and the treatment of eye and ear problems.

This is the first step in a campaign to provide better care for the estimated 2000 street animals in the area.

Snow, sun, sand and sea

The weather may be warming up in Fethiye but the summit of Babadağ is still thick with snow. The Belediye is in the process of clearing the roads in preparation for the season.

Down in Ölüdeniz, the temperature was a balmy 21 degrees and locals took to the beaches and, with sea temperatures now around 18 degrees, some even enjoyed some fun in the water.

Man injured in minibus accident

59 year, Durmuş Tüysüz, was trapped under a minibus that rolled out of control on Saturday when it’s handbrake failed. The minibus was parked at 375 sokak (street) on the way to Ölüdeniz when the incident occurred. The driver tried to stop the vehicle but was trapped when it overturned. Local people rescued the driver by moving the vehicle and alerted 122 Emergency Service teams. Tüysüz was treated at Letoon Hospital. Police are investigating the accident.

Season preparations started

Çalış Tourism and Promotion Association (Çalış-Der) have started preparations for the season. Trees will be planted along the canalside and a watering system installed to keep the area lush and green. The railings are being painted and a clean up to clear the pebbles from the beach will take place.

New signs have also been erected by the canal to say to say it is forbidden to hunt or annoy the wild ducks.

Turkish Money

The British Pound bought 4.62 Turkish Lira (TL) by the close of business on Friday.

The week before it was selling for 4.55 TL.

Weather Forecast

Here’s your weather forecast for the week ahead.

Thanks to local journalist and photographer, Özgür ÇiftçI, for this week’s headline photo of the snow covered summit of Babadağ.