Turkish news agency Anadolu has reported there are now seven lady pilots qualified to take passengers on tandem paragliding jumps from the top of Babadağ.

One of the sport’s best-known and most popular locations, the mountain offers thrill-seekers the opportunity to soar over the azure waters of the Mediterranean and one of Turkey’s most famous holiday resorts at Ölüdeniz.

Famous around the world for the Blue Lagoon, the area is part of the Turquoise Coast which attracts millions of tourists every year.

More lady pilots

An estimated 162,000 people enjoyed paragliding flights from Babadağ in 2018, with the majority of the 300 tandem pilots registered with the Aerial Sports and Recreation Centre being male.

However, Yeliz Bakar was the first woman to join and – although she now has six female colleagues – she says she still wants to see more lady pilots at the launch points.

“Usually families entrust their children to us in the air. Since I’m a mother, I think families prefer us more,” she told Anadolu.

A paraglide from Babadağ can be a gentle descent or a thrilling ride – it’s up to the passenger .

An unforgettable experience

However, all passengers who meet the weight criteria are welcome to fly – an experience fellow female pilot Bahar Türkbey describes as unforgettable.

Speaking to Anadolu, she said: “After taking off, you experience the best focus you can in this life. There is no other activity where you can experience such a moment.”

There are a number of companies offering paragliding excursions from Ölüdeniz and the surrounding resorts.

Visitors interested in booking a flight are encouraged to only do so through TURSAB-registered operators.

A bird’s eye view of the Blue Lagoon