Campaigners fighting to block plans for an extension of a quarry above Üzümlü have been celebrating success this week.

News broke last night that the local authorities would not be granting the application to increase the quarry footprint.

The same company will also be denied permission to build a cement factory and asphalt plant on the site between Üzümlü and İncirköy.

Picnic protest

In a statement issued on the Üzümlü Environment Protection Group’s Facebook page last night, credit was given to the “picnic protest” at the beginning of this month.

Hundreds turned up on May 3 to confront the applicants, demanding answers to questions on the potential environmental impact of the expansion plans.

Acting on the protestors’ behalf, lawyer Bora Sarıca confirmed the weight of opposition and the passionate defence of the area by both Turks and foreign nationals had been enough to sway the authorities.

The proximity of the quarry to local olive groves has been cited as the prime reason for the application being rejected.

A banner giving a very clear message about the proposed quarry above Yeşil Üzümlü and İncirköy.

Fighting On

However, campaigners point out similar projects have been rejected on the same grounds before so their focus will now switch to securing Protected Status the area in the hope it will prove to be a long-term deterrent.

A dinner and Latin dance demo at Park Alya on Saturday boosted funds by TL 3,150. However, spokesman Dave Roue said protesters will not be drawing in their horns.

“We must now concentrate our efforts on obtaining a Protection Zone for our region and put a final stop to any further applications or developments,” he said.

“Fund-raising will continue over the coming months so please continue supporting us in our efforts.”

Anyone who would like to donate can still do so on the campaign’s GoFundMe page.