Illegal street traders, beggars, fortune tellers and street traders who encourage young children to sell trinkets to tourists were the target of council enforcement officers last week.

The officers from Fethiye Council visited local known hot-spots following recent complaints from shop keepers and tourists of pestering, hassle and the use of young children to sell trinkets on the streets.

Zabita operation 2015 1

They patrolled the tourist spots in the centre of Fethiye and along the sea front, through the centre of Hisaronu and around Oludeniz in the evenings last week.

Those trading without licenses were taken to the local Council offices and issued with on the spot fines.

The council released photos showing the extent of their work.

Zabita operation 2015 3

Zabitaoperation 2015 4

Zabitaoperation 2015 4

Zabitaoperation 2015 6

Zabitaoperation 2015 7

Zabitaoperation 2015 Fines

A council spokesperson said that they would be carrying out further patrols to deter pedlars and provide assurance to the public.