Happy Birthday to…….well us. Fethiye Times is ten years old this year and we will be celebrating the big one-o with a range of articles and images looking back over the last decade.


Fethiye Times was first published on 9th Match 2005. But, in best of British tradition, we decided not only to have an official birthday but also time it with a significant date. Yep, you guessed it, we chose 1 April.

No Fools

The concept of Fethiye Times was the brainchild of three like minded and enthusiastic individuals who wanted to share their knowledge and love of Fethiye.

And we did for a while.

But like all good rock bands us creative types move about a bit and so the line-up has changed over the years. But, we like to think, the tunes have nearly always been good.

Way Back When…Then

Memories fade but not the internet and thanks to the power of a great website called the Waybackmachine we are able to go back in the past and see just how Fethiye Times looked back at launch and the articles we featured.

Best Mayor

One of the first articles we featured was all about the Mayor of Fethiye Behçet Saatçi (yes he's been the mayor of Fethiye that long). He had just been awarded 'best mayor award' for the county of Muğla.

Property……A Popular Subject

We also wrote about changes to the laws on the purchase of land by foreigners. Actually the process had been suspended awaiting a change to the law.

Property seemed to be a popular subject as the next article was a request by a Turkish TV company seeking the views of our readers about their experiences of purchasing property.

We helpfully hosted a survey for them.

Foreign Residents Get A Voice

We also promoted a meeting arranged by Fethiye Council to speak with foreign residents on the 4th April.

March Down, Two Thousand Up

But the best news of all was featured in our March Down, Two Thousand Up article. The new Fethiye Times had welcomed its 2,000th visitor after only being online 3 weeks.

Then and Now – Factiods

In 2005 Fethiye was a town now it wants to be a city.

The Mayor of Fethiye was Behçet Saatçi – he still is.

Internet was mostly dial up – now its fibre in places.

You could camp under the Gunluk trees at Katraci Bay – now sadly a hotel and camping is banned.

The Turkish Lira was worth around 2.20 to the British Pound – now its nearer 4 TL.

Interest rates for bank deposits were so high you could ‘live off the interest’ – Not any more.

Property was cheap and everyone was an estate agent.

A beer was 1.5 TL – now 9 TL.

Tea was 25 Kr and so was a loaf of bread – Now there is a wide variety of bread for sale and tea is around a Lira.

A Year of Celebration

We will be featuring more article from the archives of Fethiye Times – A Decade in the Making over the next few months.

If you have any fond memories or photos of Fethiye over the last 10 years let us know. We would love to see them and share some.u

Images of 2005

Here are a selection of images from 2005 from our archives.


Calis Beach Clean spring 2005
Calis Beach Clean spring 2005 - The beach spring clean
A field of poppies
A field of poppies
A famous drag artist at work in the once famous waterhole known as the Mekan Bar. Recognise her?
A famous drag artist at work in the once famous watering hole known as the Mekan Bar. Recognise her?
This is how the 22m road near Migros used to look back in 2005
This is how the 22m road near Migros used to look back in 2005
The old KayaKoy clock
The old KayaKoy clock