One of the favourite ‘things to do‘ for visitors to Fethiye is a trip to the Tuesday Market. (Salı Pazarı)

The Tuesday Market is the biggest in the area and is there throughout the year, come rain or shine.

During the summer you can wander around the stalls, enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and listen to the cacophony of calls from the stallholders hoping to attract the many thousands of holidaymakers to ‘try and buy’ their goods.

Handbag Heaven
Handbag Heaven

There is a vast variety of goods for sale; handbags, imitation branded clothing, household items, ornamental goods, leather belts, watches, sunglasses, speaker systems and of course, the fruit & vegetable section.

This diversity of products mixed with the hustle and bustle make your summer visit a memorable experience.

But what happens at the Tuesday Market when the season ends and the holiday makers have all gone?

Fethiye Times went along for a wander around a winter Tuesday market and this is what we found.

The market is much quieter and has a very different atmosphere during the winter months.  Gone are the traders calling out to you at every turn, “cheaper than Asda” or “cheaper than Matalan”. All you hear is “Buyrun” (“May I help you?”) or “Merhaba” (Hello) and Nasılsınız (How are you?).

The stalls, that during the summer are filled with copied clothing of practically every brand you can think of, are now filled with winter jumpers and long trousers

Winter jumpers and long trousers replace the stalls that sold summer clothing
Winter jumpers and long trousers replace the stalls that sold summer clothing

Or with piles of brightly coloured fleece pyjamas and thick cardigans for those long winter days

Colourful fleecy trousers for the ladies
Colourful fleecy pyjamas for the ladies

Fur lined slippers and boots are on every shoe stall

Fur lined slippers
Fur lined slippers

In the summer the traditionally clad local ladies mingle with summer visitors  to rummage through stalls selling materials, tablecloths, piles of clothing advertised at 3TL per item and end of range bedding to grab themselves a bargain.

In the winter these same ladies stroll around and hunts for bargains at their leisure. No hustle! No bustle!

Bargain hunting at a much more leisurely pace
Bargain hunting at a much more leisurely pace

Gone are the many stalls selling sunglasses, watches, pottery and other items that bring holidaymakers to the market in droves. This leaves the way clear for the smaller stalls selling tools and household items that tend to get lost in the summer crowds.

Stall selling household items
Stall selling household items

There is, however,  one area of the market that never changes…

Fruit and vegetables


Seasons change and prices may differ according to quality and availability. What doesn’t change is the abundance of brightly coloured produce and the veritable army of local people weighed down with bags and bags of fruit and vegetables.


Stalls selling spices, nuts, dried fruit, cheese and olives are also there in their regular places all year round.

Stall selling dried fruits
One of the many cheese sellers
Olives of every type


It doesn’t matter what time of year you go, a visit to the Tuesday Market is not the same without stopping for a bite to eat; gözleme with a variety of fillings or döner kebab are among the many options available.

Gözleme with spinach and cheese

So next time you’re at a loose end and it’s Tuesday, have a wander around the winter market.