Save money by investing in a what we hear you say? We explain.

You may not know the Turkish word, but many readers will recognise the ‘cezve’ as the small pot you use to make Turkish coffee. You pronounce it ‘jezveh’ – remember ‘c’ in Turkish is always pronounced ‘j’.

They come in a range of sizes according to how many cups of Turkish coffee they will produce.

We have a couple of cezves in different sizes and find them very useful for boiling milk or water in an economic fashion.

You want hot milk to make coffee – boil up a small amount in your small cezve. Need to boil a couple of eggs – you can do so in record time in a slightly larger cezve.

And if you are into drinking salep ‘cos it’s winter, and you buy the ready made kind in cartons, heat it up in your cezve.

It takes less gas/electric to heat the contents of a cezve than it would do for a saucepan.

Our photo was taken in KIPA where, as you can see, the cezve all seem to cost 6.90 +TL regardless of size or the material from which they are made.

Go to your favourite One Lira shop and you’ll find a basic cezve there for 1TL.