Sunset. We get one every day, usually just before nightfall. For the many months between early spring and late autumn, the evening skies around Fethiye are are flawless. That said, if any clouds do occasionally appear they add spectacle and drama. From Fethiye, the sun sets behind the peninsula, but from Çaliş and beyond, the sun sets over the sea, and that is something very special indeed. Think all sunsets are the same? Think again…

Mike Vickers

I’m not by any wild stretch of the imagination a photographer, but some people have commented that I have an eye, which is slightly alarming as eyes traditionally come in pairs and I’m beginning to wonder where the other one has gone! I always carry my little pocket-sized Lumix camera with me wherever I go. You’d be surprised what you can see – even with just one eye. I first visited Turkey in 1996, when photography actually involved inserting a roll of film into a camera, and I can tell you the very last traditional printed photo I ever took was in front of the wonderful library of Selsus at Ephesus. My Pentax jammed solid at that point and I’ve been digital ever since, happily filling up odd corners of disc space on my trusty old ‘puter.

I’ve been writing the occasional article for Fethiye Times for about a year now and try to illustrate each with my own photos. I’m hopeless at getting the horizon level and it always slopes off the the right, which implies an underlying perceptual idiosyncrasy as well as making my seascapes ideal locations for downhill water skiing. As such, my eternal thanks goes to the levelling tool in iphoto and I apologise if any of the above are still slightly off-kilter. Each photo not only captures a totally unique and never-to-be-repeated moment in time but also, for me, acts as a useful memory trigger. I’ve always found taking photos both entertaining and enjoyable. I also like kittens and want world peace, but don’t hold your breath on that one!

Readers’ albums

If you have a collection of photos taken at a location in Turkey which you would like to share, why not submit them for consideration?

They don’t need to be a specific shape but, to reproduce on the website, they do need to be of a reasonable resolution – perhaps 1MB or more. The subject is up to you but – like Mike– we’d also ask that you include a few details about yourself, what inspired you to take the images and a little bit about them.

Please feel free to submit your album of no more than 15 images and the relevant details to and we’ll do the rest.

We’ll look forward to hearing from you …

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