Moira Rutherford has lived in Turkey for ten years having moved here in 2007. She soon became involved in caring for the many street animals and joined a local charity in Kalkan.

‘Just Josh’

Just Josh is her first published book

Just Josh

What is the book about?

A young pup finds himself alone on the busy D400 after being abandoned as an unwanted puppy. The story is told as if by the dog and is both humourous, emotional and full of positivity. Recounting all the traumas and joys he encounters on his journey to find a forever home.

As well as telling the story of Josh, the aim of the book is to give people a greater understanding of how animals can feel and encourage more support worldwide for animal welfare.

About the author

Just Josh by Moira Rutherford

Moira Rutherford was born in Newcastle upon Tyne, then relocated to a village in the Bedfordshire/Buckinghamshire area. Moira trained as a nurse and progressed to Senior Midwifery Tutor, gaining great respect in her field from both colleagues and students. She retired to Kalkan in 2007 to live near her daughter and publisher, Karyn Rutherford.

Having settled into the gentle pace of Kalkan life, she became a member of the charity KAPSA, (Kalkan Association of the Protection of Street Animals), which works endlessly to neuter and promote the health and well being of all street animals.

Moira took a special interest in the dogs that couldn’t be left to live on the street and were difficult to rehome. She promoted her cause by blogging about these dogs on FaceBook.

Just Josh Confidential

One dog, Josh, was given his own face book page – Just Josh Confidential – which quickly attracted attention and had a huge following for the whole fourteen months of the daily blog.


Fans became involved in his plight and provided much needed funds for medical, foster and emigration costs that were too costly for the charity that had funded all his care up until that time.

The blog became the first read of the day for many and he was inundated with daily messages. His followers shed many a tear but there were also lots of smiles at his humour, and verse writing.

Where can you buy the book?

The book is available to buy from

Some of the 5* reviews on (UK Store)

Yvonne White 

Just Josh is a wonderful narrative of how hard it is for every unwanted dog to find a forever home. Written as if by Josh himself, Moira brings him into your heart and mind in such a way that it is almost impossible to not read in just one or two sittings. The book has happy, sad and funny moments but the overriding feel is one of positivity; no matter what life throws at you, staying positive and having hope are life’s strongest supports, whether canine or human. Buy it, read it, and I dare you not to shed a tear at some point, probably several points. Well done Moira, you have done Josh proud!

Tony Saunders 

A lovely story which pulls at the heartstrings and challenges the emotions. Difficult to put down and definitely a book for dog lovers.

Matthew Day 

This is a beautifully written true story about Josh the street dog, dumped as a puppy, his injuries and recovery, and his eventual arrival at his forever home and “golden basket” in Holland, with a fan club of bloggers cheering him on all the way through. Congratulations to author Moira Rutherford for her wonderfully candid account of Josh’s journey to happiness.

Joan Bishop 

The heart warming story as told by Josh. How from being dumped in Turkey as a puppy he found his forever home in Holland. His story covers his struggles of life on the streets, losing a leg as a result of an accident, and how he seemed destined to spend his life as an unwanted street dog. That was however until Moira came into his life and took Josh to her heart. She gave him a “voice” in the form of his daily blogs, it wasn’t long before he had an army of followers far and wide and soon became a celebrity. He now spends his days safe, happy and loved by a wonderful family in Holland.

Dianne Wheeler 

This book is one of the reasons people should always adopt a rescue dog. It makes the reader laugh and of course, cry as you follow Josh on his journey from the streets of a small Turkish village to his forever home finally in Holland. The fact that it is a true story narrated by Moira Rutherford in a way that makes you feel part of the adventure. Just Josh Confidential Facebook page went all over the world and this book brings it all together for all animal lovers to read no matter where they live. Thank you Moira for putting Josh’s life in a book. A movie must be next! Thank you to all the people who helped in every way to get him where he is now!