If you’ve been resident in Turkey for any time at all, you can’t have failed to notice the Turkish passion for mobile technology.

The cell phone has become a huge part of modern culture just as much as anywhere else in the world – but without some of the limitations.

Although technically illegal, you’ll see plenty of one-handed driving techniques, even on motorbikes and scooters. Cafe and tearoom conversations and business transactions are frequently interrupted – or even enhanced – by a call.

Social media

But, of course, social media is another aspect of modern communication embraced by the nation. New research indicates that, on average, Turks will now spend four hours a day interacting with friends and family online.

The survey by Cereyan Medya and GfK in 15 regions across the country revealed eight out of ten Turks have a social media account of some kind. Usage increases to five hours a day for those aged between 15 and 24.

The platforms

In countries like the UK and America, platforms such as SnapChat have grown rapidly in popularity among the younger generation. In Turkey, 91% of users have a Facebook account. Instagram comes next in popularity with 72% using it to share images while 44% are subscribed to YouTube.

The survey established 80% of Turks use social media primarily to share pictures; 79% to catch up with feeds and channels they’ve subscribed to; 69% to share videos; 66% to catch up with news or current affairs and 45% to watch TV shows, videos and films.

Online influencers also have a part to play in users’ buying habits. In all, 28% admitted they would buy something promoted by a personality or celebrity.

If anything the mobile technology trend seems set to increase with significant investment over the next 12 months.

News today indicates the government is to invest $12.3bn in public spending over the coming year. Just over a third of the money is to be invested in communications technology and public transport.

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