This is the story and biography of Neslishah Sultan, the last Princess of the Ottoman Empire, and later the last First Lady of Egypt.

Neslishah: The Last Ottoman Princess

“Neslishah: The Last Ottoman Princess” by Murat Bardakçı

The biography reveals the turbulent life of Neslishah, granddaughter to Sultan Vahiddedin, whose entire family was exiled from Istanbul in 1924. Neslishah’s parents eventually settled in Nice, France. Sixteen years after her family’s exile from Istanbul, Neslishah married Prince Abdel Moneim, son to the last Khedive of Egypt, and later regent to the six-month-old King Ahmed Fuad. Neslishah, once Princess of the Ottoman Empire, was the First-Lady and Princess of Egypt. However, following a revolution against the monarchy, she and her family were once again exiled.

This new account details her early life and primary exile, through her marriage to Abdel Moneim and her second exile, to her recent death in Istanbul in 2012. It guides the reader through the reasons for her exile, laying out the political situations at the time, first in the 1920s in Istanbul, and later in the 1950s in Egypt.

This is a remarkable story about a remarkable woman, dedicated to her family and to her country.

“Neslishah: The Last Ottoman Princess” by Murat Bardakçı
‘I belong to this land’: Twice-exiled princess Neslishah, who was the oldest surviving member of Ottoman dynasty died in Turkey, aged 91

The account is written using original documents and extensive personal interviews, and while it is the account of one extraordinary woman’s life, it is also the story of the end of two powerful dynasties.

About the author

“Neslishah: The Last Ottoman Princess” by Murat Bardakçı
Journalist and author, Murat Bardakçı

Murat Bardakçı is a Turkish journalist and historian. He is a columnist for Habertürk newspaper and is the author of several books on the Ottoman imperial family.

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