The blistering heat of summer has now arrived in Fethiye and the surrounding area but how can we stay cool without breaking the bank and losing our cool?

The summer heat is now well and truly with us and, with day time temperatures touching 40 degrees at sea level and the low 30’s in the evenings, our bodies can struggle to cope to keep us cool.

But how can we stay cool without breaking the bank and either sitting in an air conditioned room for the whole summer or going back to wet and cold Britain?

Well, we at Fethiye Times have been testing a number of methods over the last few years to see just how good they are and here are our findings.

Create a natural draft by opening windows

Ok, this may sound the obvious starting point but with indoor rooms often feeling cooler than outside opening the window can seem the wrong thing to do.

However, the draught generated by the difference between the higher outdoor temperature and cooler in door temperature helps to cool the body as it passes over our skin and sweat evaporates.

The circulation of air also helps to keep the air fresher than if we sat in and dry air conditioned room with the doors closed.

The only problem with this method, and one of the reasons why electric fans are used, is that the draught often isn’t consistent or strong enough.

To help make sure you keep any curtains closed to keep out direct sun light as this adds to the room temperature.

Put your feet in a bucket of cold water

Another method that cools your blood making you feel more comfortable.

The temperature of water from the tap varies depending on a number of factors. However, in Fethiye the mains water is cold enough to make you wince when you stand under a cold water shower.

Get a bucket or suitable container and put enough cold water in so that when you put your feet in it at least covers you ankles. As your blood circulates around your feet the heat is taken by the water and it cools you down.

Keep your feet submerged for as long as it takes to feel comfortable or your skin becomes prune like.

We have found this method is really effective and also has the added benefit of cleaning them too especially if you add some salts or soap to the water.

Take a Cool Bath

If you don’t have a swimming pool but have a bath you can cool down by lying in a cool bath.

Don’t make the bath too cold to start with or you’ll find it uncomfortable but gradually add cold water once you get in until the right mix is achieved.

The cold water will cool you down nicely with the added benefit of cleaning you too!

Of course you could also have a cool shower but we don’t find this as effective as sitting in a cool bath.

Wet Towel

A wet towel or other material placed on the head, neck or wrists will act like a natural fridge for your body.

As the water evaporates from the material it will cool the skin beneath it. Don’t make the towel too wet or you’ll be dripped on.

If you are in the privacy of your own home wearing such items probably won’t be a problem once you get over the initial giggles of looking like an Egyptian Mummy.

But remember to be careful not to frighten the neighbours if you venture outside and have forgotten to take the towel off your head!

Go Shopping

This is not a strange as it sounds. All the big supermarkets in Fethiye are air conditioned not only to keep products from spoiling but also to encourage shoppers to escape the searing heat.

An hour or two in the supermarket will therefore cool you down nicely. But you will need to maintain self control and not buy too much.

Go to the Cinema

The cinema in Fethiye is air conditioned and a great place to spend a hot afternoon assuming a good film is on that is.

If you go to the Hyall Cinema before 6pm on any weekday and all day Wednesday there is a discount.

Go to the Beach or a Pool

A cool pool works a treat but for those that don’t have a pool and are out and about a dip in the sea will cool you down. However, the temperature of the sea does vary around our coast. The sea within the Fethiye Bay area can be quite warm (25 – 28 degrees centigrade) so the effects will be limited.

For a cooler swim you’ll need to go to the beaches south of Oludeniz where cold water springs gush into the sea and bring the water temperature down 3 to 4 degrees.

Or head to the mountains for the ultimate icy dip in a mountain river! The cold water will make you feel and look much younger too!

Take it Easy

Rushing around or exerting yourself during the day will get you all hot and bothered.

So stay cool by taking it easy during the hottest parts of the day. If you can change your daily habits and rest between 11:00am and 4:00pm, the hottest times of the day, you’ll be able to save your energy for later in the day when it’s cooler.

That’s all the cooling tips we can think of right now but do you have any great tips to keep cool?

If so please let us know by emailing