A Guide to Kayaköy is so much more than facts and details; a trove where one is constantly surprised by the next jewel it contains.

This pocket-sized book has something for everyone. There are historical and architectural facts with references to further reading for those who love to imbibe these features during their travels.

In your imagination you can repopulate the abandoned village of Levissi, by ambling through the ancient streets reading excerpts from Louis de Berniѐres’ Birds Without Wings.

You can gain insight into the lives of current residents through Jane’s conversation with Halil Hoca and pick up further details about life in the valley today.

Dean provides an introduction to the flora and fauna one can expect to see in addition to some breathtaking views and has given details of several walks to help you observe these features, whether you have only a few hours or a full day to give to these activities.

This book is a ‘must have’ if you really want to derive as much pleasure and interest as possible from your visit to Kayaköy.

A GUIDE TO KAYAKÖY is divided into three sections – Place, People and Walks, giving the reader diverse insights into the history, memories and walking routes so they can the most of this evocative, atmospheric and unique environment…

Louis de Berniѐres’ Birds Without Wings.