What’s the best way to find your way around Fethiye and to get from A to B with the minimum of fuss?

How to Find Your Way Around Fethiye

Fethiye streets are either named or numbered depending on their status.

Key roads into and out of the town are named.

For example the main road from Calis to Gunlukbasi is named after the famous Turkish singer and musician Baris Manco.

Side streets are numbered beginning with Sokak (street in English) and signed – see the picture above.

Sokak 2 street marks the start of the Fethiye street numbers out near the boat yard.

They end, Fethiye Times thinks, at Sokak 1500 out in Karagedik where the Fethiye boundary ends and the Ciftlik boundary begins.

The Knowledge

But the knowledge of how the system works seems to be lost on nearly everyone including taxi drivers who, you would think, would have some idea.

So instead people use key land marks to give directions.

For example to find Calis Beach from the bus station the following directions would be typical:

“Go over the Mugla Makas, turn left at Kipa, right before the Maliye then carry on past the Devlet Hospital until the Dolphin roundabout at the next junction then turn left and over the bridge.”

Those directions are fine if you know Fethiye and that you have been around long enough to remember where the Dolphin roundabout was before it was removed some time ago!

The lost and confused have been helped by the Council who have added names to the key interchanges around town.

The signs are small but do at last give the key junctions a name that can be confirmed by travellers following directions.

The junction to Calis Beach is now helpfully called Calis Plaji Kavsagi – Calis Beach Junction, not the Dolphin roundabout.


If you are visiting Fethiye for the first time and you want to tour around you should call into the Tourist Information office near the antique theatre and ask for a street map (ask directions if you don’t know where that landmark is), call up Google maps or use one of the many free sat nav apps for your mobile device.

We at Fethiye Times have used various sat nav apps for the iPhone and found them to be reasonably accurate at getting us to a location and that includes negotiating some of the one way streets and awkward junctions around the town.

Locals Know Best?

Finally, beware of false directions.

Following years of getting lost we have found that you need to ask at least three people for directions before making a decision as to which way to go.

Why? Because even if the person you are asking doesn’t know the directions they will often make them up just to be ‘helpful’!



  1. Ha ha, lived for three monthly intervals over four years in Fethiye. Taxi home meant hubby sat in front using sign language, good results. Getting a takeaway meant going to main road to direct delivery boy in. A basic knowledge of central area, streets and shops needed to be learned quickly. Essentially have lots of patience and good sense of humour, remember in Fethiye time is free.

  2. We would like to think of our selves as Europeans but we are as Asian as we come. Asking directions;never ask to men. Take it with a grain of salt not only the dircetions but almost everything we tell you.Never talk about history because whatwe have studied and what you have studied are two different tthings.Remember only 4% of us read books,everything we know,we know it from the internet.

    I am moving to Fethiye this summer.It took me 3 years to get used to Turkish ways.Foreigners are luckier than Turks as we like to impress you by our hospitality but we are not as friendly to each other as we are towards ”yabancı” And yes we think you are either all spies or missionaries.And yet here I am loving these people and country and willing to live here.Looking forward to move to Fethiye.

  3. A global tip; You can always ask directions from pizza & restaurants, flower shops etc.. basically you can places which are having delivery service 🙂

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