Earlier in the year we brought you an article about the up and coming Yerguzlar Caddesi near Çalış Beach.

If you missed the article, click on the link below and have a read.

A Metropolis In The Making by Sian Midgley

A look at Yerguzlar Caddesi with Mick

Mick takes a closer look at Yerguzlar Caddesi, a popular street with locals and ex-pats, which is less than 1km from Çalış Beach resort, but not well known to tourists.

Mick gives an insight to the numerous cafe’s, restaurants and drinking establishments in the street and explains why its become so popular.

Have a look for yourself…

Mick Scarsbrook (or Mick Amca) lived in Turkey for over 20 years and now makes tourist information videos.

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