The Fethiye Bowling Association 2019 Spring League started last week, with 5 Divisions and 47 of the 59 members taking part.  The leagues meet on Mondays and Tuesdays, and play will continue weekly until the end of April.  Divisions are determined according to handicaps and apart from Division 5, division competitors play each other twice, to a score of 21. Division 5 is a large group, so they play each other only once.   League standings are kept and trophies are awarded at the end of the schedule.

We also have a Summer League which runs for most of June, July and August.  In conjunction with the leagues, we have 16  competitions that take place across the entire calendar year and include closed and open singles as well as closed and mixed doubles.  I can send you notification of each competition in the week before it takes place, if you wanted to put it in your announcement section.

Spectators are welcome to come and watch at any time but the leagues and competitions are open only to members of FBA.

2018 Autumn League winners

Below are the winners of the FBA 2018 Autumn League, each proudly holding a trophy donated by Aydin from Lukka Bar in Çalış

Fethiye Bowling Association: 2019 Spring League
Trophies were donated by Aydın from Lukka Bar in Çalış
Division 1 Winner Rob Mckernan,
Division  2 Winner Mick Manser,
Division  3 Winner Phil Styles,
Division 4 Winner Tina Manser
Division  5 Winner Alan Keating

Division 6 Winner Liz Iannone

Congratulations to all our winners and well done Rob Tomkys for another successful effort.
For more information about the Fethiye Bowling Association, visit them on Facebook.