We often get asked the question, “What is there to do in Fethiye in the winter?”

There’s no shortage of things to do so, here at Fethiye Times we decided to bring you a series of articles about some of the workshops and classes that regularly take place in the area.

First up is screen printing with Ottostop.

If you are a regular at the various Craft Fayres held in the area, you may have seen Leyla and her range range of beautiful, hand made, screen printed goods.

Welcome to Ottostop - handmade products with love and sunshine in every piece
Lelya at the FIG summer craft fayre


The head and hands behind the Ottostop brand belong to a nomadic soul called Leyla, who for years dreamed of spending her days mixing inks and making prints in the sunshine, but decided it wise to explore as much of the world as possible before putting all the ideas she had accumulated, and all the knowledge she had acquired, into starting her own creative business.

Born from a desire to explore and visually promote Turkish culture and village life, Ottostop utilises the handmade method of screen printing, creating contemporary designs which are inspired by natural textures and forms, found objects and rural scenes.


As well as designing screenprinted things, they also hold regular screen printing workshops at home and abroad. Leyla is as passionate about spreading the word about screen printing, as she is about watching novice printers going wild with colour!

Have a read of this blog by Casey Russell who went along to one of Leyla’a workshops

A Screen Printing Workshop…

Mum and I are just back from a great morning being creative and getting messy with Leyla Temiz from Ottostop. In her own words Leyla describes Ottostop as an ” independent design & screen printing studio shaded by a large avocado tree in a jungle-like garden in southern Turkey. Inspired by nature, travel, local village life and traditional Turkish arts & crafts.”

She’s got that pretty much right!

Ottostop” is a combination of the words Ottoman and Ottostop, which is Turkish for ” hitchhike” and immediately appealed to our bohemian, nomadic lifestyle.

We arrived the morning after the first huge electrical storm of the winter and both mum and Leyla were complaining about lack of sleep from the noise of the storm the previous night. The garden though, was glistening wet in the morning sunshine and looked all the more jungle like from its recent drenching.

Welcome to Ottostop - handmade products with love and sunshine in every piece

Inside Leyla’s studio we were briefed very professionally about the methods and principles of screen printing and encouraged to practise a few times on gift cards and paper, until we were confident with the required technique – we were also encouraged to create our own inspirational designs to work with, if we wanted to, – but mum and I were happy to work with Leyla’s prepared screens, for now…

Welcome to Ottostop - handmade products with love and sunshine in every piece

Leyla was on hand permanently to cast an eye over our shoulders and pass on encouragement and also to humbly point out enormous mistakes (such as still leaving the clear Perspex marker sheet down when you come to do your print ! Doh!)

Even though some errors were made, we had loads of fun in Leyla’s studio, and in the end turned out some really great and interesting pieces of artwork!

A delicious array of breads, olives, fruits and cheese were laid out on one block board unit in the corner of the studio, and between snacking and feasting upon these nibbles and matching colours for the most impact for each print we were attempting, the morning passed really quickly. Chattering the whole time, mum, Leyla and I were getting along like old friends, the teacher was most gracious and accommodating.

Welcome to Ottostop - handmade products with love and sunshine in every piece

The workshops are a great way to get in touch with your creative demons, and even though I wasn’t immediately inspired to create an image from my own designs, since I have come away I have been brainstorming some concepts for a new heading for my blog…. An ” adventurer in training ” conceptual logo… the sketch pad is on the table and I think we will be visiting the Yaniklar jungle again really soon.

Welcome to Ottostop - handmade products with love and sunshine in every piece

To read more articles by Casey please visit his blog, “Adventurer in Training”

Book a workshop

Ottostop workshops are offered all year in the hidden, Yaniklar studio.

Please contact Leyla via her website or her Facebook page to check availability and organise a session.