Take three gorgeous, talented girls and a selection of eye-catching costumes. Mix in a liberal sprinkling of sequins, some quick-witted comedy and an eclectic selection of songs you know and love. Finally, sit back and prepare to laugh your socks off, sing along and generally have a fantastic night out.

This is Glamour, Hisarönü’s newest and hottest cabaret show, currently intoxicating audiences three nights a week with a heady cocktail of glitz, drag, dance, music and laughter.

Fronted by the fabulous Miss BeeHave – accompanied by her equally beautiful sidekicks, Joanna Play and Miss Noxi – Glamour is billed as family entertainment. And that’s exactly what it is.

Naughty but oh so nice – the Glamour Girls will give you a night to remember
Glamour Girls – Miss Noxi – Miss BeeHave – Joanna Play

A family show

If you’ve got children in tow and wonder whether the show is suitable for them, be reassured; the humour might be a little risqué at times, but it’s not rude and there’s no bad language. Most younger members of the audience will be too busy laughing at the more obvious jokes, and they’ll love the inclusion of Disney favourites such as The Little Mermaid, Frozen and Hocus Pocus. As for the grown-ups, you’ll be hard-pressed not to clap, foot-tap and join in with a varied repertoire of classics by everyone from Abba to Tina Turner.

Naughty but oh so nice – the Glamour Girls will give you a night to remember
Glamour MissBeehave as Elsa From Frozen

There are parodies of shows such as Riverdance, tributes to musicals including Hairspray and Evita, and out-and-out comedy sketches with tunes such as ‘Goodness Gracious Me’ and ‘Shopping in Lidl’ (the latter to the tune of ‘Walking in Memphis’). There’s plenty of good-humoured interaction with the audience – with one or two singled out for, shall we say, Miss BeeHave’s special attention. (Don’t worry – she doesn’t bite. Well, not unless you ask nicely….)

Naughty but oh so nice – the Glamour Girls will give you a night to remember
Glamour Miss BeeHave as Cher


Great entertainment and lots of fun

What comes across throughout is the Glamour Girls’ genuine love of what they do and passion for entertaining the audience.

“I thrive on making people smile and knowing they’re having a good time,” says Clark W Burton, aka Miss BeeHave. “Having fun can be a rare thing in this day and age – if I’m making them laugh, I’m happy.”

Jay Myers, alias Joanna Play, agrees. He also enjoys the reaction to their frankly fabulous finale which, without giving away all the details, begins flamboyantly and ends with a somewhat emotional reveal.

“People sometimes think that how we are on stage is what we’re like all the time. The way we end the performances makes them realise it’s a show – we don’t spend our whole lives in full make-up and feather boas!” he explains.

Naughty but oh so nice – the Glamour Girls will give you a night to remember
Joanna Play as Marilyn

A talented trio – firm friends

Perhaps one of the most remarkable things about Glamour is the way in which Clark, Jay and Darren James (Miss Noxi) have gelled into such a formidable trio. While they’ve known each other for a number of years and worked together at different venues, this is the first time they’ve joined forces on stage – not that you’d know it, given their natural chemistry and camaraderie.

“We all kind of fell into being drag queens,” says Clark, a former Drag Idol UK winner. “This is the first show we’ve done together and we’re having lots of fun – we intend to be back year after year, keeping our audiences entertained.”

Glamour will run in Hisarönü until the end of October, but don’t worry if you need a winter fix – the girls are planning a tour of the UK, with dates and venues to be announced later in the year.

When can I see Glamour?

Performances are on Tuesday, Friday & Saturday nights until the end of October. Dinner is served at 8pm, with the show starting at around 9pm.

Show A and Show B alternate weekly, changing on Saturdays; each features a completely different programme so it’s worth going to see both for the full experience.

Where is it?

Above Migros in Hisarönü. Approach the store from the back and you’ll see a red-carpeted staircase and plenty of signs – you can’t miss it.

Naughty but oh so nice – the Glamour Girls will give you a night to remember
Glamour Entrance

The girls also do free mini ‘taster’ performances in Ölüdeniz – at VIP bar on Mondays and Swish on Thursdays, starting at around 10pm.

How much are tickets and where can I buy them?

Admission is £20* per person, which includes the show and dinner. Children aged between four and 12 get in for half price and under-4s go free. You can book through Legends in Hisarönü, VIP and Swish bars in Ölüdeniz, and selected independent excursion & event operators. Alternatively, you can join the Glamour Hisaronu Facebook group    

*prices correct at time of publication

This article was written by Rebecca Parsley and is a sponsored advertorial brought to you in association with Glamour.