Here at Fethiye Times we’re often out gathering material for articles, covering events and taking photographs. One of the great things about that is we get to meet and talk with lots of people. Some are existing readers and some are now new readers.

What feedback do we get?

During our many conversations there is one question that is asked a lot. Why can’t we find out about events before they happen and not read about them afterwards?

Great work has been done by Anthony Gerard Cooke on Fethiye Arts and Culture Events and Malcolm Gayfer and Hannah Kaba on the Fethiye Events Diary, raising awareness of one-off cultural events and regular events and classes however there isn’t a single calendar that includes everything.

What’s On Fethiye

We have been discussing this at Fethiye Times for some time now and, working in association with Fethiye Arts and Culture Events, FETAV and Fethiye Events Diary, we are launching our brand new online events calendar What’s On Fethiye, listing local events in Fethiye and surrounding areas.

Where is it on the website?

What’s On Fethiye can be found on the Front Page in the main top menu


When you click on What’s On Fethiye you will go through to the events calendar where the events are listed in date order. Click the forward or back arrows on the date box in the menu bar to move through the dates.

You then have the option to expand each event by clicking on the + sign in each event box. Alternatively you can Expand All by clicking on the middle button in the menu bar

Have a look for your self. We don’t want to spoil all the fun!

What types of events are included?

Cultural events


Classes, clubs, activities or events that happen on a more regular basis.

Regular Charity/Fundraising Events.

Details of other types of events ( in restaurants and bars) can be found on Fethiye Events Diary

Working together

We can’t keep the calendar accurate and up to date without your help.

Let us know about any events, classes, clubs that you know about or are involved in.

Email us with the details:

Suitable events will be included in the calendar.

Tell us about any changes so we can keep the calendar up to date.

Let us know what you think

Please let us have your feedback either in a comment or an email.

The calendar currently has a selection of the events, classes etc. taking place and further events will be added on an ongoing basis.


To the best of our knowledge, the information in the calendar is correct at the time of publication.  Fethiye Times not responsible for any changes to event details or cancellations of events.