Fethiye is a haven for those who yearn for sea and sun, who are interested in culture and history and for those who just want to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet of the natural surroundings. Then there are the visitors to Fethiye who also want to take advantage of the many activities available.

In this article, the second of our series about Fethiye, we are looking at all the things it’s possible to do in the area.

A kaleidoscope of activites

Take a look at the dazzling array of activities on offer. Please click on the links to take you through to previous articles or further information.

Sometimes you just need a beach day

Turkey’s most famous beach at Ölüdeniz is only 15 kilometers from Fethiye. The calm turquoise water, sheltered from the sea, with its white sand beach is an ideal place to relax, swim and just soak up some sunshine and the beautiful surroundings.

The blue lagoon at Ölüdeniz
Belcekiz Beach at Ölüdeniz
Fethiye - a truly special place
Kıdrık Beach near Ölüdeniz

Or you could visit Fethiye’s own, Çalış Beach.

Çalış beach looking back towards Fethiye

Be active, be healthy, be happy


If you’re a cycling enthusiast there are many cycle routes in the area. You can join a cycle group for a guided tour or hire a cycle and follow one of the routes on mapmyride.com

Activities - Cycling
Mountain biking in Fethiye

Kite Surfing

Whether you are a beginner who would just like to have a go or already have experience, Çalış is the place to be. Click here to read more about Kite Surfing

Activities - Kite Surfing
Kite surfing at Çalış Beach


Enjoy this unbelievable experience from Babadağ in Olüdeniz, Turkey’s top destination for tandem paragliding. 

Activities - Paragliding
Paragliding from Babadağ

Scuba Diving

The waters between Fethiye and Oludeniz provide excellent diving conditions all year round. The sights you’ll see beneath the water’s surface are simply spectacular. There are many diving companies to choose from in the area. Click here to read more about scuba diving in Fethiye.

Activities - Scuba Diving
Scuba diving in Fethiye – photograph courtesy of fethiyedays.com


There are many delightful walks in and around Fethiye that suit all levels of experience, from gentle strolls along the harbour to major hikes on the Lycian Way. Click here and here to read our articles on walks in the area.

The view from the first leg of the Lycian Way
A walk along Fethiye harbour

Art speaks where words are unable to explain


The simple activity of “creating art” has been understood to have therapeutic properties and what better way to relax than capturing the beautiful scenes around the area in a painting or drawing? Art materials are available to purchase in Fethiye at one of the many stationers (Kırtasiye) along the main road into the town centre.

Paspatur by Carol Bostan
Early morning view by Carol Bostan

Art images with kind permission of Carol Bostan 


A photograph wherever you look, that’s Fethiye. Breathtaking landscapes, amazing sunsets, the ruins at Kayaköy, local fishermen* mending their nets, the list is endless! It’s a photographers paradise.  

*Please ask permission before taking photographs of the locals.

A day spent on the water is never a waste of time

Daily boat trips

There is a boat trip in Fethiye to suit everyone. You will see them lined up along the harbour in Fethiye and along the river in Çalış. Spend a day out on a boat and enjoy the crystal clear water and the wonderful scenery and bays.  Click here to read more about boat trips.

Approaching Kızılada (Red Island) on a daily boat trip

Gulet cruises

Some visitors to the area want to spend a few nights out on the water. No hustle and bustle; just the sounds of nature and the water lapping on the beaches or against the boat. There are many gulets in Fethiye offering cruises. 

Last year we published a series of very informative articles about Gulet Cruises written by Sue Fockner-Aşık, owner of Arkadaslik Yachting.

Everything you need to know about Gulets and Gulet Cruises (part five) - What to Expect DURING your Gulet Cruise
Sailing on the Mediterranean on a classic Turkish gulet

If you’re interested in a Gulet cruise and have lots of questions, click on the links below to read the articles.

Everything you need to know about Gulets and Gulet Cruises (part one)- The History of Gulets

Everything you need to know about Gulets and Gulet Cruises (part two) – Things to Consider BEFORE Booking a Gulet Cruise

Everything you need to know about Gulets and Gulet Cruises (part three) – How to Book the Perfect Gulet Cruise

Everything you need to know about Gulets and Gulet Cruises (part four) – What to Pack for a Gulet Cruise

Everything you need to know about Gulets and Gulet Cruises (part five) – What to Expect DURING your Gulet Cruise

We hope you have enjoyed having a look at some of the things there are for you to do here in Fethiye.

Click here to read the part 2 of this article.



  1. About 90.000 people are are attending jeep safari every summer. You should mention about it as well.
    Thank you.

    • Thank you for your comment. This is only part one of the article so is not yet complete. The second part will be published next week.