Winter in Fethiye is incredibly beautiful but there are days when it may be a bit too cold to simply wrap up and go for a stroll.

Or it might be that you want to go further afield and explore the surrounding area. There is only one way to do this properly; driving.

You don’t have to travel far from Fethiye to enjoy roads that seem to go on forever, very few cars and inspiring views.

There are many places to visit and Fethiye Times will be taking you on a series of drives in the area, starting with a trip to Kalkan.


Kalkan, approximately 85km from Fethiye, is a harbourside town built largely on hills that encircle the old town, a small harbour and provide scenic Mediterranean views.

Leaving Fethiye

Head out of Fethiye on the Antalya road towards the D400 and it won’t be long before the hustle and bustle of the town is left behind and you hit the open road!

Heading towards Karaçulha and the D400
Follow the D400 to Kaş

Panoramic views

The views are immediate and breathtaking

Open road and the stunning snow capped Akdağ ahead

There are many scenic spots for a photo op!

Life with a view!

One of the benefits of driving is that you can get off the beaten track and have a look at some of the countryside. There are many places of historical interest along the way.


Some 46km from Fethiye is a right turn to the ruins of Pinara, which lie 6km up the mountain. The road winds through fields and across irrigation channels to the village of Minare, then takes a sharp left turn to climb the remaining 2km.


The village of Minare
The ruins of Pinara

Splendid isolation

The splendour of the isolated setting of Pinara makes it well worth the detour. The sheer column of rock behind the site is honeycombed with rock tombs. There are other tombs within the ruined city itself. Click here to read more about Pinara.

The views back down to the main road are even better.

Time for a break

If you fancy a break, stop at one of the numerous lokanatas dotted along the route and enjoy börek and çay.

Crossing the Xanthos valley

The road to Kalkan takes you across the Xanthos valley filled with polytunnels as far as the eye can see. The main livelihood for the local people along this part of the Mediterranean coast is vegetables (mainly tomatoes) produced in the greenhouses surrounding the town of Kınık. Kınık is one of the places with the highest concentration of greenhouses anywhere in Turkey.

Polytunnels in the Xanthos valley

Climb up and over the mountain from the Xanthos valley for your first sight of Kalkan

Welcome to Kalkan!

Over the mountain and down to Kalkan.

Have a walk around the harbour, browse around the old town or enjoy dinner in one of the many cafes and restaurants before heading back on your return journey to Fethiye.

The harbour at Kalkan
Kalkan old town

We were just in time heading back as there was definitely a storm brewing!