High in the mountains above Tlos in the village of Yakaköy lies Tangala Goat Farm, the home of Buket Ulukut and Tangala Artisan Cheeses.

Buket started Tangala Farm in 2008 with a small vegetable garden and two goats. Today Tangala is an established business producing a range of cheeses, natural products (honey, grape syrup and more) and organising cheese workshops and group events. Please read our article from last August for more information about Buket and the farm.

Last Thursday Fethiye Times went along to a Cheese and Honey gathering held at Tangala.

The journey

Transport, arranged by Buket, left from the Fethiye Otogar at 10am. It took about an hour to get to the farm giving us plenty of opportunity to enjoy the changing countryside. From Fethiye, through Seydikemer, past the ancients ruins and rock tombs at Tlos, past Yakapark, up the mountains to Yakaköy and our first glimpse of the farm.

A moody landscape on the way to Tangala

The farm

There are two project buildings at the farm. This two floored stone building at the entrance to the farm, houses the cheese making and aging rooms in the basement and a spacious, natural wood clad, open plan entrance floor designed for events and projects.

The two storey stone built cheese making and events building
The entrance floor is designed for events and projects.

Some of the goats grazing peacefully in the adjoining meadow.

There are also a number of baby goats frolicking and bleating demandingly!

Baby goats at Tangala Goat Farm from fethiyetimes on Vimeo.

The gathering

We were given a warm greeting by Buket and Cem. Inroductions were made and we enjoyed çay and dried black figs whilst watching an informative video about the farm.

Sitting comfortable round the log burner drinking çay and chatting

We were then served with Lentil Soup and fresh, warm village bread.

Home made Lentil Soup
Fresh village bread warming on the soba
Lentil soup time!

Working up an appetite

Next on the agenda was a lovely walk, guided by Cem, for those who fancied some exercise. What better way to work up an appetite for the cheesy delights to come?  Those who preferred were quite welcome to stay behind and relax.

Nothing beats a good brisk walk!
Time for a group shot before heading back

Buffet time

Then it was time to head back for cheese. A mix of Tangala cheese varieties, Pelit, Amber and Mera, were served along with special Tangala pine and flower honey, dried black figs, tahini, grape molasses, and hot pepper jelly – served with a glass of apple or orange wine …all grown or produced on the farm!

Amber and Mera soft cheeses served with dried black figs and orange slices
Pelit – a hard cheese, serves with dried black figs
Pelit sliced and ready to eat!
Black olives, tahini, pine and flower honey and hot pepper jelly

A truly amazing gastronomic experience with a blend of textures and tastes to delight the palate!

All that was left to do was to fill out one of Buket’s shopping lists and tick off what we wanted to buy. Decisions decisions!

Thank you to Buket and Cem for a wonderful day!

More about Tangala Gatherings

Buket is planning a series of Cheese & Honey gatherings and Guerrilla Kitchen events.

Intrigued? Don’t want to miss out?

Visit Tangala on Facebook to find out more.