Welcome to our second Winter Walk article.

Our first walk took in the first section of the Lycian Way from Ölüdeniz to Faralya so this time we thought a more sedate stroll was the order of the day.

With this in mind, we set off to walk from the Fethiye town square, Beşkaza along the Kordon to Akarca (by the lighthouse).

It was a beautiful sunny Sunday morning, perfect weather for walking although there was a nip in the air due to the snow on the mountains…after all, it is December.

The path

Its level going all the way so ideal for those who don’t want too energetic a walk.

The scenery

As always, the scenery is stunning.

Stopping for breaks

There are plenty of cafes and restaurants where you can stop for a break. Sunday is the only day off for Turkish people and families to come out to enjoy breakfast in the winter sunshine.

What else is there to see?

There is always plenty to see when you walk this route.

The familiar sight of a fisherman waiting patiently for a catch.


Some people just like to sit and ponder.

Others go about their daily business.


This branch decorated with gourds just sits at the edge of the water.

It’s winter and the seagulls flock back to the harbour in search of food.

Cormorants too.

Even the ducks were out for a walk.

The fish bait shops are now situated by the lighthouse in Akarca and are open for business all year.

This brought us to the end of our walk …all that was left to do was turn round and go back the way we came.

8km round trip and 4 hours walking….a great way to spend a Sunday morning!