The Sustainable Living Film Festival (Sürdürülebilir Yaşam Film Festivali – SYFF) is a celebration of those striving to create a better future throughout the world. 

This year’s festival will take place between November 18th and 20th, in 20 towns and cities all across Turkey. In Fethiye, all screenings will be held at the Fethiye Culture Centre (FBKM). All the films will be in the English language, or have English subtitles. Entrance to all films is free of charge.

The festival organisers – a voluntary organisation known as the Sustainable Living Collective (Sürdürülebilir Yaşam Kolektifi), have collated documentaries by dozens of directors, who imagine a society that is open to the public, fair, understanding, embracing of diversity, kind to the planet and all life on it.

In 2016, the Festival is celebrating its 9th year, and it’s the second time that the festival has come to Fethiye. This year’s festival has an incredible range of films; 25 short and full-length documentaries from all around the world.

Many of these films cast a critical eye over the current social/political/environmental world-order, they also seek to inspire a better way of doing things, enabling viewers to become part of the solution rather than the problem.

Here is some information on some of the films featured. The full schedule along with info/trailer links for all 25 films can be found below.

Time to Choose

An exploration of the comprehensive scope of the climate change crisis. Time to Choose examines the power of solutions already available.



Ferguson | Language: English / Turkish subtitles

The Land of Many Palaces 

In Ordos, China, The Land of Many Palaces tells the story of thousands of farmers who are being relocated into a new city under a government plan to modernize the region.


61 min / China / 2015 | Director: Adam Smith, Ting Song | Language: Mandarin, Chinese / Turkish, English subtitles

Fractured Land

Fractured Land is a coming of age story about a young native Canadian, campaigning against some of the worlds largest fracking operations – blending modern tools of the law with ancient wisdom.

Fractured Land Official Trailer from Fractured Land on Vimeo.
75 min / Canada / 2015 | Director: Damien Gillis, Fiona Rayher | Language: English / Turkish subtitles

The E-waste Tragedy 

The E-waste Tragedy reveals how large amounts of e-waste are diverted from the legal recycling circuits in the developed countries and dumped in the Third World.


86 min / Spain, France / 2014 | Director: Cosima Dannoritzer | Language: English, French, Spanish, German, Catalan / Turkish, English subtitles

Daughter of the Lake

At the height of the Peruvian gold rush, Daughter of the Lake follows Nelida, an Andean woman able to communicate with water spirits, who uses her powers to prevent a mining corporation from destroying the body of water she considers her mother.


87 min / Peru / 2015 | Director: Ernesto Cabellos | Language: Spanish, Dutch, English / English, Turkish subtitles

Collaboration – On the Edge of a New Paradigm?

Collaboration – On the Edge of a New Paradigm? explores how a new culture of learning is, together with the Internet, pushing the boundaries of research and knowledge creation. Are we on the threshold of a revolutionary paradigm shift?

Collaboration – On the Edge of a New Paradigm? from Open Media Lab on Vimeo.

55 min / Sweden / 2015 | Director: Alfred Birkegaard & Katja Gry Birkegaard Carlsen | Language: English, Swedish / English, Turkish subtitles



Click here to download the programme as a PDF

Friday 18th November

12:00 Weconomics (19 mins)

The Living Seed (20 mins)


13:00 The Living Soil (18 mins)

Kombit: The Cooperative (45 mins)


14:15 Tarzan Kemal: The Story of a Citizen (60 mins)


15:30 Demain / Tomorrow (118 mins) Talk: Ahmet Kizen


16:15 Waste Management and Recycling in Bangalore (7 mins)

Racing To Zero (59 mins) <>

Talk: Mahmut Bayrakdar

Saturday 19th November

 11:00 Age of the Farmer (6 mins)

Unbroken Ground (26 mins)


11:45 Unravel (14 mins) Can We Do It Ourselves? (60 mins)

Talk: Eray İnce


13:45 Message in a Bottle (15 mins)

Daughter of the Lake (87 mins)

Talk: Zeynep Ebru Aksoy


16:15 Back To The Land (5 mins)

The Land of Many Palaces (61 mins)


17:45 The E-Waste Tragedy (86 mins)

Talk: Dr. Uğur Muslu (Oncology Specialist)


20:00 Time To Choose (100 mins)

Sunday 20th November

12:00 The Story of Bakeys Edible Cutlary (4 mins)

Collaboration on the Edge of a New Paradigm? (55 mins)


13:15 Swallow Project (4 mins)

Wings of Change (53 mins)

Talk: Tolga Sevinç


15:00 All The Time in the World (87 mins)

Talk: Cemal Atasoy


17:15 A Common Right Uganda (6 mins) <

Fractured Land (80 mins)

Music: Emre Durgut & Coverman

This article was written for Fethiye Times by Anthony Gerard Cooke, an actor from the UK who has founded ‘Mediterranean Theatre’ with the aim of providing professional theatre in Southern Turkey.