When the school day is over, extracurricular activities provide a great way to occupy those enquiring minds and the boundless energy children seem to have…

Joining a kids club provides your child with a comfortable place to meet new people, make new friends, learn new skills, learn about teamwork, develop independence, learn values and just have PLAIN OLD FUN!

Calış Kids Club provides all this and much more.

The club is now in it’s third year and is run by local ladies, Kate Topcu and Sharon Baltacı with the support of Carole and Güven Şahin of Güven’s Restaurant. Carole and Güven have provided a Çalış Kids Club room in the restaurant where the club meets and carries out various activities.

What activities are there for the kids?

Saturday mornings – over 5s art, craft and science club.

Every month – girls (over 6) craft club


Monthly paint and pizza night

The kids are given a theme and, with the help of Sharon and Kate, paint their pictures. They have a break for pizza…well it is Paint AND Pizza night!

Painting can be messy – and fun!
Paint & Pizza night - finished Halloween monsters
Paint & Pizza night – finished Halloween monsters

Seasonal parties

The kids had a great time dressing up for the halloween party


Beach cleaning and day trips to interesting places.

Summer Club –  held every Monday over the summer and includes the activities above

Caring for the environment

The kids are learning about conservation and looking after Fethiye, its surroundings and playing their part in caring for our planet.

Güven’s Restaurant is situated on the far end of Çalış beach where Loggerhead Turtles come to lay their eggs in the summer. For the last two years the kids have carried out their ‘Sea Shore Savers’ clean up operation and, armed with rubber gloves and black bin bags, have cleaned up the rubbish on the beach.

Sea Shore Savers beach clean up
Sea Shore Savers beach clean up

They also learned about how long it takes for items of the rubbish they collected to decompose.

The kids have also visited Kaptan June at the Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Centre in Dalyan where they presented her with a turtle batik they had made following their beach clean up and a mobile of turtles made from recycled glass from the beach. Kaptan June explained the importance of cleaning up our rubbish and how throwing rubbish in the sea affects the turtles.

The kids enjoying a visit to Kaptan June
The kids enjoying a visit to Kaptan June at the Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Centre in Dalyan

Where possible recycled goods are used in all projects so don’t throw away your yogurt pots or anything suitable for the kids to use.

Toilet roll holder santas

What’s coming up?

The next Paint & Pizza night is on 19th November at 7pm

Kate and Sharon are just planning the Christmas party and details will be posted on the Çalış Kids Club Facebook page.

If you would like your child or children to be a part of this amazing club you can either send a message on Facebook or call Kate on 00 90 534 666 97 50.