Join us on our trip under clear blue skies as we head out on the waters of Fethiye Bay for a cruise.

The idyllic weather over the last few weeks has really showcased all of the natural beauty of Fethiye and it’s wonderful environment.

With the searing heat and crowds of the summer now a distant memory this interlude provides a great time to explore and take in our wonderful natural environment.

It was the beautiful calm aquamarine waters of Fethiye Bay that took our fancy this week.

We jumped aboard a suitable vessel and headed into the bay under a cloudless sky and into the blue that is the trade mark of this wonderful area of Turkey.

We landed at Sovaliye Island an idyllic and romantic small island in the bay where some of the rich and famous own property but anyone can visit.

We roamed around the dirt tracks, climbed steps, walked through woods and marvelled at the property, plants and views.

So join us on our trip under the clear blue skies of November through our gallery below.