This article was written by Şemsi Toprak, Project Coordinator for the Travel Foundation in Turkey.

Thanks to customer donations, Holiday Extras is supporting the Travel Foundation’s work across the globe including our programme in Fethiye, Turkey where I’m based as a Project Coordinator.

A visit to Fethiye

Last month they paid us a visit to understand where some of their funds are being used and to see for themselves the positive impacts on the ground. Caroline and Abi from Holiday Extras were joined by British blogger Sabina who writes Girl Vs Globe ( and is a big advocate of sustainable travel.

Taste of Fethiye

Fethiye is a vibrant and beautiful coastal region, drawing 600,000 tourists each year and is an important area for marine biodiversity. We’ve had a history with this destination as it’s where we’ve previously worked with partners to set up the “Taste of Fethiye” project which improved supply links between local food growers and the hotels in the region.

?? Taste of Fethiye with Girl vs Globe & The Travel Foundation…

We recently explored Fethiye, Turkey with Girl vs Globe and The Travel Foundation! ??While we were there, we learnt about some of the projects the foundation's been working on, including the Taste of Fethiye project, which aimed to link local farmers to large hotel chains. ?The results were absolutely amazing, and you can learn more about them by watching this video! ? Have you got any tips on travelling responsibly? ? Tell us in the comments! ?

Posted by Holiday Extras on Friday, August 18, 2017

Blue Wave project

Last year, the Travel Foundation handed the long-term project management to a local agency and we are now working on another initiative, “Blue Wave”, to preserve the region’s marine environment.

?? Blue Wave Project with Girl vs Globe and the Travel Foundat…

Did you see our recent video about The Travel Foundation's Taste of Fethiye project? ?Well that's not the only project we learnt about! ? While we were in Turkey with Girl vs Globe we also learnt about the Blue Wave project, a project carried out in partnership with the Chamber of Shipping, TURMEPA, D Marin and the Travel Foundation, which is all about minimising the effects of marine tourism, keeping the destinations we love beautiful for future generations. ? Watch our video to learn more about it! There's also a link on the screen that allows you to donate to amazing projects like this around the world. ?Have you visited the Mugla region in Turkey? Tell us about it in the comments. ??

Posted by Holiday Extras on Friday, September 1, 2017

A whistle-stop tour

Our whistle-stop tour with Sabina and the Holiday Extras team included visits to the bustling local produce markets; tasting authentic Turkish cuisine; meeting the local farmers supplying the hotels and the hotels themselves; and boat and standup paddle boarding excursions to appreciate the marine activities on offer to tourists (and of course to soak up the sun and admire the beautiful bays and crystal-clear waters!).

We also made sure our guests had the opportunity to talk to some of our partners including FETAV – Fethiye’s tourism, culture and environment NGO, and D-Marin who manages one of the best marinas in Göcek. Sabina was well-received by the local press which in turn was a good opportunity for us to raise our local profile and fly the flag for sustainable tourism.

A great opportunity

Their visit was a great opportunity for two worlds to meet and we’re looking forward to future collaboration and support from Holiday Extras. I’d like to thank everybody who took time to meet our guests and shared their passion for sustainable tourism in this destination.

Special thanks go to our Blue Wave partners, the Chamber of Shipping, who arranged an excursion for our guests on board a stunning yacht and also to D-Marin who gave them a tour of the marina and another boat trip in nearby Göcek.

Here are just a few of Holiday Extras’ and Sabina’s videos captured during the trip. They reached almost 500.000 viewers for now and by the looks of it, they will reach over a million people by the end of the summer season. It is wonderful to see how good practice and sustainability can bring great stories to tell for tourism destinations.

Watch Sabrina’s Vlog

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