What do you do on your birthday? Have a party, go out for a meal, go away on holiday? Not Mick Scarsbrook.

Mick Scarsbrook is a man who is passionate about the environment. He campaigns tirelessly to educate people to dispose of rubbish responsibly as well as regularly doing clean ups himself.

Birthday pick up party

With his birthday approaching, Mick met with Mahmut Bayrakdar from the Fethiye Belediye (Municipality) to organise a birthday party pick up on the Kayaköy road near Hillside Beach Club, Fethiye.

Special thanks to Mahmut for helping with the organisation

The power of social media

Mick made this personal appeal on his Facebook page for people to join him on the day.

Group Clean up! 24th May 8.00am

Posted by Mick Scarsbrook on Monday, May 15, 2017

A great turn out

It was a hot, sunny morning when fifty people turned out from Fethiye, Kayaköy and the Fethiye Belediye to be part of the clean up, undeterred by the fact that it was going to be very hot work! Mick handed out bin bags and gloves and they were off!

Photograph courtesy of Şemsi Toprak

Bulldozers too

There were even bulldozers to clear the areas where household rubbish had been tipped. Fly tipping is illegal in Turkey however, sadly, that doesn’t stop it from happening. The bulldozers made short work of clearing the rubbish.

Here are some of the photographs from the day.

Photograph courtesy of Şemsi Toprak
Photograph courtesy of Şemsi Toprak
Photograph courtesy of Şemsi Toprak

A message from Mick

A big thank you to everybody who turned up for my birthday party pick up on the road to Kaya from Fethiye! Helpers from Fethiye council, forestry and Facebook friends. Special thanks to Mahmut Bayrakdar for helping me organize this.”

Çok çok teşekkür ediyorumBugünün çöp toplamaya çok güzel oldu, 50 kişi falan geldi Fethiye belediyeden Kaya koydan ve…

Posted by Mick Scarsbrook on Wednesday, May 24, 2017

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Featured photograph courtesy of Şemsi Toprak