Every year at this time, there’s a flurry of activity to clean up the beaches in readiness for the season. Çalış Kids Club (ÇKC) is no exception to this and on Sunday 30th April, they carried out their third Sea Shore Savers beach clean up in Çalış.

This yearly activity, arranged by Kate Topcu and Sharon Baltacı, is aimed at raising awareness of the environment and the terrible injuries caused to marine life by not disposing of rubbish in a responsible manner.

The kids, along with Mums, Dads and helpers, set off from Güven’s Restaurant armed with gloves, bin bags and whole load of enthusiasm for the task ahead. Not a single cry of “Oh no, not again!” could be heard!

A trashy tale!

They collected 8 large black bags of rubbish in a 100m stretch of beach.

The rubbish ranged from cigarette ends to shoes, fishing line, plastic bottles, crisp packets, baby wipes…and much more!

A selection of the rubbish left on the beach

A smashed bottle against a sign saying Sea Turtle Breeding Beach – Do Not Pollute the Environment, was a danger to anyone or anything on the beach.

Do Not Pollute the Environment

Some of the larger items found were put straight in the nearby bins.

This bicycle box was left abandoned on the beach

An educational session

Once the rubbish had been disposed of, it was time for a session on the types of marine life found in the area; loggerhead turtles, green turtles, dolphins, many types of fish and even the occasional sperm whale. There are also lizards on the beach.

Loggerhead Turtle – photograph courtesy of Sailing Issues
Bottle Nose dolphins in Fethiye Bay – photograph courtesy of Sailing Choice

A fun way to learn

Then it was time for colouring and an art project. All linked to the theme of protecting our environment.

Çalış Kids Club proudly displaying their work

The kids went away with the key message that it is important to keep our beaches clean to protect our environment and marine life.

There was one final question for the kids. What do you do with your rubbish if there are no bins where you are? The answer was loud and clear…

“Take it home with you”

A lesson that not only children need to learn!