If you are in and around Fethiye at the moment you will no doubt have seen and, in some cases suffered, from the strange yellow dust that is in the air, on the ground and in your eyes. But what is it?

Fethiye in Spring

Spring is in the air and as the earth warms then so the plants begin their annual cycle.

Some of the plants in the area around Fethiye including the pine trees and Mimosa spread their pollen using the wind.

Sometimes when the time is right large clouds of pine pollen can be seen being blown from the branches forming yellow clouds such is the volume of pollen released.

So after a few windy days as we have recently experienced that is why everything is being coated in these fine yellow particles.

From cars to balconies, pavements to the forest floor the tell-tail yellow dust coats everything.

The particles are so light that when they land on water they float and will form slicks in some cases as the particles gather together as if attracted to one another.

These slicks can often be mistaken by causal observers as man-made pollution.

The slicks will eventually disperse and decompose as part of the normal eco system.

Spring Fever

Even for those people who do not suffer from Hay Fever, or ‘Spring Fever’ as it is known in Turkey, most of us will feel the itchiness as those fine particles stick to eye lids, skin and the nostrils.

The good news is that the worst of the spring pollen season will soon be over and the yellow dust no more.