How to get relief from mosquito bites and stop that itching fast? We just need a little dab of white stuff.

Living a hot climate usually means mosquitoes and the Fethiye area is no exception.

But no matter how hard we try to avoid the pesky insects they always manage to take a nibble on us every now and again.

It’s not usually until the bite begins to itch that you know you’ve been bitten.

But one of our readers has written in to offer their top tip to reduce the effects of the itchy bites.

How to Get Relief from Mosquito Bites

How? By dabbing a bit of toothpaste on the bite.

Fethiye Times reader Sue Davis says:

“My husband swears by toothpaste as it takes all the sting and itch out of it and the lump goes down”

So next time you get bitten by a pesky mosquito reach for the toothpaste!

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