Thank you to Judith Godsmark Tekin for sharing her Christmas blog with us.

My blog for today.

So Christmas came and is almost gone with a clear sunny and fine Boxing day.

After breakfast we brushed up enormous piles of leaves that had fallen in our garden, on lawns and tiles and just everywhere, and hosepiped all the outside. Dark clouds are looming now but I see it’s 65 degrees. Quite nice indeed with sunny breaks through the dark opaque looming clouds.

My blog for today - 26 December 2020

This time of the year has always been my favorite season, a season of goodwill and all that which I cherish. Even this year with lockdown, the coronavirus restrictions and such that changed our lives dramatically, there is a special atmosphere within our home full of love and sharing.

Our decorations are simple and mainly strings of beautiful flickering coloured lights but the Christmas tree, a real one with roots, stands proudly in the living room. We look forward to buying it a lovely large ceramic pot in order that it can continue to flourish and be brought inside for Christmas next year.

My blog for today - 26 December 2020

The log fire has been burning, and UK TV has enabled me to hear English carols and see the Christmas lights in the UK. All festivities there are being held in a much smaller way, but still very much special Christmas times.

My blog for today - 26 December 2020

But one thing that continually pops up in my mind is missing family both English and Turkish.

I miss the icy crispy snow that used to snap under my boots when I lived in Yorkshire and the ambience too of the Isle of Wight.

But just the two of us does not stop us celebrating Christmas with a full Christmas meal. Lots of home-made mince pies, and apple pies and shortbread.

So the diet is forgotten until January and so it should be!

Wore my Christmas jumper and we both looked festive yesterday on Christmas day. We had a lovely day.

It’s a time now for giving, sharing – and also feeling sad at times and nostalgic about times we cherish in our hearts from long ago, and the family and friends who passed away but always remembered with love and affection.

But it’s also a time for hopes, joys and forgiveness and with this virus prevailing it’s a time to make sure we are safe.

As there is no shopping, no travel, no normality whatsoever, I’ve only been able to send moonpig cards.

But all around us demonstrates the spirit of Christmas is here with us.

Outside, shops, restaurants and many businesses have shut because of the restrictions imposed upon us for our safety and my heart goes out to all affected. I hope our lives will return to normality soon.

The spirit of Christmas is alive as we talk to family and friends and our conversations, inner emotions and feelings bring Christmas to life. Thank God for the internet x

Love and consideration connects us to one another and makes us feel fortunate, despite being miles and miles apart.

This last year has forced a new life reality upon us which is like a sci-fi plot to my mind – unbelievable in fact.

There has to be some feelings of negativity and bewilderment when we remember 2020 and how it dramatically unfolded in front of our eyes -without warning.

My blog for today - 26 December 2020

How I stayed so very safe in the wonderful company of my daughter in a very small house for 16 weeks in the UK before a flight was available again to return to Turkey.

How my daughter had to be shielded never going out of the back door .
Thank God my daughter has moved now to Yarmouth on the Island and a lovely house by the sea.

We have much to be thankful for but some feelings we cannot escape from. The unknown reality that keeps emerging, the feeling of bewilderment and helplessness as it is all out of our control.

Now we are accustomed to staying safe and look forward to this virus diminishing.

And now we try to turn it around with 2021 in sight, being positive about new possibilities and lots of times of happiness, despite all that confronts us. We must be positive and continue to stay safe.

It’s good to be more in touch with nature and the wild and we are each building safer habits. Walks by the sea and in woodlands away from civilisation. New hobbies. More attention to our gardens, trees and plants.

My blog for today - 26 December 2020

Now we are in lockdown from Friday evening until Monday and we are doing house jobs together, creating what we need to do and still retaining the meaning of the Christmas Spirit.

I am still restricted to only being allowed out 10-1 daily, but making the best of a bad job as it’s compulsory.

Wishing you all a Very Happy Christmas and all the very best for the New Year