Last year we brought you an article about where the boats go in the winter. 

The boatyard (tersane) is such a fascinating place that it cries out for a return visit, well there is always something going on…

Back in the water again
Photograph courtesy of Steve Parsley

A visit to the boatyard

The boatyard at Karagözler becomes a hive of activity in the winter as the summer boats come into dry dock for their out-of-season refits.

It’s a fascinating place to watch the gradual transformation of some of the familiar vessels, with crews working towards March and April when the boats are returned to the sea and head off to their respective summer moorings in Fethiye, Çalış and Ölüdeniz.

The relaunch is not a simple process though and the preparation for each can take hours.

If you have the time, you can find yourself waiting for much of a morning or afternoon, anticipating the final rush of the vessel into the water – although some will tell you they’ve then missed it after momentarily looking the other way.

So, in case that was once you, we thought we’d share a time-lapse video posted on Facebook by Kayaköy resident Steve Parsley, who filmed Tommy Oztürk’s boat, Deniz Bey, being relaunched before returning to the beach at Ölüdeniz in a few days’ time.

Deniz Bey, back in the water again. from Lyn Ward on Vimeo.

Summer can’t be too far away now.