The sun shone on the first Kayaköy Festival, held by local businesses and residents on Saturday.
The festival was arranged by Fethiye Municipality, Kayaköy Municipality and Kayaköy Residents Business Association, with the purpose of showcasing the skills and produce of the local people. Fethiye Times went along to enjoy the festivities.

Hoş Geldiniz (Welcome)

Visitors were greeted at the information desk and given details of the days events, including where to find the various exhibitions and activities.

There was a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere and visitors wandered leisurely through the streets enjoying the air of celebration that festivals bring.

Local arts and crafts

Paintings, sculptures, ceramics and accessories were all available for the visitors to browse and buy.
Kayaköy by Chouman Art

Local produce

All the food being sold and served was produced locally,
Fresh chickpeas

Street concerts

Street concerts were held at different times across the day and evening

Fethiye & Çalış Creative Women’s Group from fethiyetimes on Vimeo.


Residents brought out their treasured carpets with unique designs and motifs, to be exhibited throughout the day in Antik Restaurant.

Kayaköy halıları sergisi (Kayaöy carpets exhibition)

 Back in time

The coach and horses clip-clopped through the village giving visitors a brief taste of an age gone by.

Take a ride through the village in this coach and horses


There was plenty to keep the music lovers happy
Photograph courtesy of Hakan Aykırı-Gülyüz Yurdagül Sırt

An evening of entertainment

The festivities and entertainment went well on into the evening with the Buzz Bus Garden Party and live music from Onur Asilkılıç.

What’s next?

The residents of Kayaköy would like to see the Festival become a yearly event, promoting the historic village and it’s local crafts and produce.
A spokesperson from the group said ” This is our first experience of organising something like this. We will learn from it and hopefully it will increase next year”
Vicky Erdoğan, from the Travel Foundation, said  “I am thrilled that, after several years of organising craft fairs for the Taste of Fethiye project in Kayaköy,  the Kaya group is now taking ownership of the festival. The Travel Foundation has always hoped this would happen”
If you missed the festival this year we’ll make sure to remind you in 2018