Last year Sam Tucker, Doğan Eraslan and Serkan Tarım kayaked from Antalya to Fethiye raising 6000TL in sponsorship for Fethiye children’s charity, FIG (Fethiye International Group).

Sam, Doğan and Serkan being escorted safely to the finish line at the Yacht Classic by one of the TURMEPA boats

If you missed the ‘On Turkish Tides’ adventure you can read about it here.

How is the money being spent?

FIG have visited a number of schools in the area and highlighted projects where the money will be spent to benefit them in both educational and practical terms. The first project took place this week.

Kayacık School, marine conservation and a boat trip

On Tuesday, pupils from Kayacık School, experienced a different sort of school day – a visit to Fethiye where a day of learning and fun was planned.

FIG/FETAV arranged the day with TURMEPA (Turkish Marine Environment Protection Association) and was planned so it would be both educational and fun.


The first activity of the day was a session at the TURMEPA office in Fethiye. The session was run by Ersin Özer and the TURMEPA team and taught the children about the importance of keeping the seas clean and the effect of pollution on marine life.

Denizlerin temiz olması tüm canlılr için önemlidir -The cleanliness of the seas is important for all living things
The children with Ersin and the TURMEPA helpers, FIG chairman, Sheila Tongue, Şemsi Toprak from FETAV, Doğan Eraslan, Kate Topcu and Karen Bancroft

The children had an opportunity to see some of the things found in the sea that are on display in the foyer of the TURMEPA office.

Ersin showing the children some of the things that have been found in the sea

Things you find in the sea!

Everything on display at TURMEPA has been ‘fished’ out of the sea along the Mediterranean and Aegean coastline.

Scooter with helmet!
Washing machine

This dolphin was made from bottles – all from the sea!

What about the sea life?

These photographs, on display in TURMEPA, are a graphic reminder of the terrible injuries caused by rubbish in the sea!


Learning in a fun way

Next was a boat trip to Şovalye Island where the children took part in a mini beach clean up. They had the chance to see for themselves the types of rubbish that wash up from the sea. Sadly, they also saw some of the rubbish discarded by people.

TURMEPA led the children in some educational games on the beach.

Learning the fun way for Kayacık school at Şovalye Island from fethiyetimes on Vimeo.


Then it was back to the boat for a lunch of chicken, pasta and salad.

Afiyet olsun!

Time for art

After lunch it was time for art activity and the children painted cards with a colourful picture of a turtle.

The finished paintings – copied from the one in the centre

Written inside the card was a message for the children to take away….along with their memories of a lovely day.

Dünyamızı temiz tutalım –  Çöpümüzü çöpe atalım!  (Let’s keep our earth clean – Let’s throw away our rubbish!)

The people who made it possible

Thank you from FIG to the people for making the day such a huge success.

Ersin Özer and TURMEPA

Şemsi Toprak and FETAV

Sharon Baltacı and Kate Topcu for their support with the art session

Sibel Ilmeç Kaymakçı and the Sunkissed team

All the volunteers who came along on the day

Special thanks go to Sam Tucker, Doğan Eraslan and Serkan Tarım for their incredible effort to raise the money making possible for the children of Kayacık school to have such an amazing day.

A final word about TURMEPA

Since 2006 the Fethiye branch of TURMEPA have educated more than 70,000 people in Marine Conservation. They also carry out a programme of beach clean ups and their boats  collect rubbish from the sea.

TURMEPA also have a range of environmentally cleaning products available from Migros

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