If you are familiar with the Karagözler area of Fethiye you will most likely have seen the concrete steps by the rowing club. You may have even sat for a while to enjoy the view.

Whilst this beautiful location instills a sense of peace and wellbeing, we all know that toady’s world is a turbulent place.

With this in mind, the Ölüdeniz Rotary Club has undertaken a project to symbolise that there are steps to be taken to achieve peace.

How many steps are needed to achieve peace?

The steps at the boathouse of the Fethiye Municipality at 2. Karagözler District, built for the public to watch rowing and sailing races, have been painted in rainbow colours with white doves scattered over them.

Members of the Ölüdeniz Rotary Club took part in painting the “Peace Staircase”.

A beacon of hope

Phosphorus paint was used which will absorb the sunlight during the day and shine at night, a beacon of hope for peace in the world!






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