Fethiye leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller. Accomplished author Anita Asar tells Fethiye Times why Fethiye turned her into a storyteller and about her new autobiography “Arty Farty Film Star Annie”.

Introducing Anita Asar Fethiye Storyteller

Anita asar

My name is Anita Asar and my association with the beautiful area of Fethiye really started when my husband and I moved from London to Istanbul in July 1991. We had a few weeks to kill before our furniture arrived from England and so we decided to travel from Istanbul to Yalova and make our way to Izmir and then travel round the coast stopping overnight in any place that took our fancy. I had never been to the Aegean or Meditteranean coastal areas before so it was a very big adventure for me. We stopped in Marmaris, Ölüdeniz and Side and I remember passing through small undeveloped places like Kalkan and Kaş. We drove as far as Alanya and then overland via Konya as we now had to get back to Istanbul for our container to arrive. The journey had been the best holiday I had experienced as the only holidays we had ever had before were to visit the Turkish relatives in Istanbul. The journey made a lasting impression on me and the sheer beauty of the Turkish coast made me realise that was where I eventually wanted to live.

Destination Fethiye

After living and working in Istanbul for over a year and through some other strange coincidences we came to Fethiye to visit a friend, fell in love with the area and bought some land to build a house in the village of Çiftlikköy. We moved in December 1992 and our whole new adventure began. There were only dirt roads, no proper electricity and no drinking water from our taps, no addresses or pavements and very few houses in the area. The most amazing thing for me was developing a garden and growing fruit and vegetables. I was a city girl and had never in my life had a garden or had animals and now gradually we had acquired chickens, pigeons, rabbits dogs and cats. We did a lot of the building work ourselves. Our house was surrounded by the forest area and our front view was the sea and islands and bay of Fethiye. We could also walk across unspoilt marshland in those days and see storks and other wildlife. I was really heartbroken when houses were built on that area.

Artists Retreat

I feel that the raw natural beauty along with the history and archeology will always attract and influence artistic people or even bring out hidden talents of anyone seeking perfect peace in a troubled world. Getting away from the rat race alone could inspire anyone to do things that maybe they thought was only a dream. I had never imagined that I would write a book either but a few years down the line and when tourism to the area was building up I realised there was really no information so I wrote a book about the local area called “Alternative Mini Guide to Fethiye Through an Artists’s Eye” in 2001 and two more books followed along after “Footloose and Fancy Free in Fethiye” and lastly “Footloose Again in Fethiye”. The only problem was that hardly before the book was out many of the business I had written about had gone, either moved or closed down or even changed ownership!

Creative Flow

My creative flow for fashion and arts and crafts have also developed even more since I have lived here and ideas are often fed by the local costumes and culture. I am working on some arts and crafts and hope to display these in the near future. My new book is an autobiography which I felt I had to write to give encouragement to others on positivity under difficult circumstances. After an unhappy childhood and lack of confidence I went on to write songs in the 60’s, became a cabaret artist in the 70’s, teaching belly dance and creating very colourful beaded and sequinned costumes. Because of the very negative and often unkind remarks from my family in regard to my artistic abilities hence the strange title of my book which was actually my childhood nickname “Arty Farty Film Star Annie” by Anita Asar.

“Arty Farty Film Star Annie”

Fethiye storyteller Anita Asar

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