Most of you will be aware of the 6.8 magnitude earthquake that hit eastern Turkey on Friday evening (24 January 2020) killing 38 people and injuring over 1,600 (as reported by Turkey’s Disaster and Relief Agency – AFAD on Sunday).

Whilst it may not be the biggest or most devastating earthquake that has hit Turkey, it has still led to loss of life, injury and damage to property.

It also serves as a salutatory reminder to people in Turkey that they live in an earthquake zone.

Living with earthquakes...
Seismic map of Turkey

Fethiye, a small coastal town-population 3,000

Fethiye was a small coastal town in 1957 with a population of around 3,000.  This quiet world abruptly changed on the evening of the 24 April 1957 when, following a series of earth tremors, residents were told to leave their homes and not return. 

As a result, when a 6.2 quake hit the town at 21:17 followed by a 7.1 quake at 04:28 on 25th April, there was far less loss of life than would have otherwise resulted. The earthquake destroyed many buildings, but as a result of the foresight of Fethiye’s governor, Kamil Nezih Okuş, only 19 people were killed.

Living with earthquakes...
Fethiye’s governor, Kamil Nezih Okuş.

The following photographs were taken by the official photographer from HMS Dainty, a British Royal Navy D-Class destroyer which arrived from its base in Cyprus three days after the quake, bringing tents, blankets, water purification tablets and medical supplies.

Fethiye municipality use the collection of photographs from time to time as part of an informative programme to reinforce the importance of being prepared, should there be another earthquake.

Be prepared

On 16 November 2019, AKUT Search and Rescue Association, held an earthquake awareness presentation that covered what you should know and do before, during and after an earthquake.

Please take time to click on the link below, read the article and make sure you’re prepared.

AKUT Earthquake Awareness Presentation – what you need to know about earthquakes

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