The British Government is making important changes to the passport service for British nationals living overseas from now on.

From 11 February 2013 the passport application process will be centralised and British nationals in Turkey should submit their passport application or renewals to IPS in the UK.

Prior to this applications needed to be made to a regional processing hub in Dusseldorf, Germany.

This important change follows reviews by the National Audit Office and is designed to save money, increase security and consistency.


All the information required to make an application can be found on the website found here.

Customers will be required to send applications to the Passport Customer Service Centre in Liverpool. There will be no change to processing times.

Passports can be renewed up to nine months before they expire and the extra time will be added on to the new passport’s period of validity.

How Much?

Fees charged to British citizens applying overseas have been more than those in the UK as they are based on the costs of providing the service for just the overseas customers. In an effort to limit increases the issuing of passports has been returned to the UK. Once this has been completed IPS will be seeking to create closer alignment between the two sets of fees.

Check out the website above for the current fees.

In the Event of An Emergency

Consulate offices in Turkey will continue to issue Emergency Travel Documents for customers who need to travel urgently.

Requests for Emergency Travel Documents will only be approved in limited circumstances and evidence of the urgent nature of your requirement must be provided.

For the latest information and Frequently Asked Questions please visit the Embassy website here.