If you have a residence permit and are over 65 years of age, you can now get a bus pass which comes in the form of the new Fethiye Kart – see below.

The back side of the card will have your personal details and a photograph.

You pay 12TL for the card which is valid for one year but, once purchased, it entitles you to free rides on all the Belediye buses (Not the privately run Dolmus).

People under 65 can also buy a Fethiye Kart and charge it up (like the Istanbul Kart we wrote about not long ago), but there is no financial advantage (unlike Istanbul) as journeys using the Kart cost the same as journeys paying cash.

Apparently this may change in the future and we’ll keep you informed.

However, for the over-65s without their own transport this could be a good deal.

To get your Fethiye Kart go to the Fethiye Belediye offices over the downtown Migros, turn right as soon as you enter and you’ll see an office signed ‘Ulaşım Hizmetler Müdürlüğü’ and that’s where you apply for your Kart.

You’ll need to show your residence permit and also give them one passport photo.

And if anyone does get a Fethiye Kart let us know what you think about it.