Our pick of news and events from local charities.

Üzümlü Environmental Protection Group “Hoe Down” to raise money.

Thank you to Dave Roue for the update.

Üzümlü Environment Protection Group organised a Hoe Down on 25th July to raise funds and support the Emergency Services and The Göcek Animal Shelter.

Charity News & Events – week ending 03 August 2019

The evening was jointly hosted by Keith Edwards and Dave Roue at Park Alya Restaurant, which was filled to capacity.

The evening was jointly hosted by Keith Edwards and Dave Roue.

Guests were kept entertained by local talent , starting with Anne-Marie Canny and followed by Chris O’Brien. Dosy Does, Kay Cummins, Dawn Akurek accompanied by Gary Atkins on guitar who sang a selection of country songs. Last but not least was Aiden who sang a couple of great Johnny Cash songs.

Charity News & Events – week ending 03 August 2019

The evening was rounded off with DJ Keith Edwards. During the evening a raffle and auction contributed to a total of 2930 TL raised.

UEPG are in contact with the authorities so see how best they can help the emergency services.

A contribution will also be made to the Göcek Animal Shelter to help towards the cost of evacuating 240+ dogs at the height of the fire that broke out on 10 July.

Thanks to Ertan Cetinkaya, owner of Park Alya Restaurant, for his generous donation and to his staff for making sure we never went hungry or thirsty. Thanks also to the performers and also to our guests for supporting us.

Funding for and Volunteering with Hayed.

Thank you to Mica for the update

Hayed Animal Welfare and Education Charity, based in Fethiye, is now in its second year and is funded solely by donations from the general public here and abroad.

Hayed has two main areas, Animal Welfare and future population education.  These are separate areas within Hayed and have their own short and long term aims.  

Hayed currently receives no help or assistance from the local municipality. Hayed raises funds through the nearly new shop in Günlükbası and local events in Çalış – quiz nights, bi-weekly Saturday morning table top sales,  online auction page on Facebook, special one off events like the Caribbean Carnival event on August 23rd (reservations now being taken ) – and other events in the area.

Hayed receive Individual donations as well as donations for specific animal treatment or food, donated straight to the veterinary practice treating the specific animal or via the website Temizmama, who deliver the food straight to Hayed.  

All monies raised through these events is used solely for Animal Welfare for the local population and goes towards feeding, veterinary care and rescuing animals in distress.   

The small Hayed team behind fundraising, emergency animal care, transport to and from vets, fostering, street feeding, manning the education park and the very successful nearly new shop, are all volunteers who give a few hours of their time or give time and  their skills, where they can to help.

Could you be a volunteer for Hayed?  

Volunteers are an integral part of Hayed and are a highly valued resource within the organisation.  Volunteers are needed to allow Hayed to continue with its animal welfare program. If you have a few hours to spare would you like to volunteer in one or more of our ongoing operational areas?.

The Nearly New Shop, is open on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday between 10am and 1 pm. 

Coffee mornings on a Saturday in Fethiye, can you bake? 

The Hayed Information stand on Çalış Beach during the evenings.

The Hayed Education Centre, open Monday-Saturday between 9am and 5pm

If you can speak Turkish, you can apply to join our education team at our Hayed classroom in Çalış. So far, 5,000 children have received Animal Welfare education here and a further 15,000 are planned to attend from September 2019 to June 2020. This a major opportunity to change the future of animal welfare here in Turkey. 

Join the amazing table-top team on the second and fourth Saturday  of each month from 11am to 2pm at Bambu Bar Çalış (setting up from 9am).  

The Events team who identify Hayed funding opportunities, organise and run their own events.|

The street feeding team who regularly feed the strays all around the Fethiye area (all food is provided by Hayed) and assess the local animals they see for veterinary or special care such as fostering. 

The logistics team who provide transport for needy animals to go to foster homes, pick up items donated to Hayed for sale or  to and from foster care placements. 

The fostering team who look after needy animals while they recover from operations, road traffic accidents or other such events where their lives could be saved by fostering. 

Fostering an animal for Hayed.

Fosterers are highly regarded and are desperately needed in the Fethiye area. Fosterers are an integral part of the Hayed organisation. Could you foster a cat, dog, bird? Could you help it recover?  Could you nurse an animal back to health so it can live out its life normally? Could you help a kitten or puppy who has lost its mother through illness, cruelty or an accident?  

Historically, fostering has gained the reputation of fosterers being left with the animals in their care. This arises as a result of uncontrolled organisation of foster placings and the lack of foster homes being available.   Each year, the situation becomes worse due to the lack of foster homes available as fosterers feel isolated and left to their own devices with the animals given to them. Hayed recognises this fact and has been working to rectify the issues identified with fostering animals 

As a result of all the feedback from foster placements, Hayed has created and adopted a two-part Fostering Protocol (believed to be the first in the Fethiye area). 

First, for any animal Hayed takes into its care, a record is initially created recording the animals details, illnesses, dates and itemised care provided by vets and details of any foster care provided along with a report from the foster placement about the animal (suitability for release, suitability for rehoming, temperament, special needs etc etc.)  This record is kept with our induction and fostering team and is updated as required. 

Second  and more importantly, is the Hayed Fostering Contract which specifically details the animal for fostering, the food provision and amount, veterinary care,  transport, emergency numbers  and most importantly, the amount of time agreed with the foster placement.  In this contract both Hayed and the foster carer will sign their agreement and on the very last day of fostering or prior to this date if there is an insurmountable problem, it is guaranteed that a member of the Hayed logistics team will collect the animal from the foster placement or agree a new term of fostering with a new contract. Gone are the days where animals are just left with their foster homes. When Hayed take on an animal, Hayed recognise that the Hayed team are responsible.

There are many areas where just a few hours of your time would make a difference to the Local Animal Welfare here in Fethiye. If you have a few hours, Hayed would welcome you into our team and the local animal welfare will surely benefit.  

For more information about Hayed, visit them on Facebook.