Dear friends and supporters

On Wednesday, July 10, we were ready to send you our newsletter for the first semester of 2019 when, a devastating forest fire started near Dalaman.

Late in the afternoon, the fire was spreading rapidly towards our shelter, high in the mountains. The main access road to the shelter was closed by the authorities. The order to evacuate our 240 + dogs was given and the call went out on social media for help.

Scores of local people arrived very quickly despite the risk of the approaching fires. A great deal of improvisation, quick thinking, determination and adrenaline ensured that the dogs were evacuated by cars, vans and trucks in the space of two and a half hours.  The dogs were taken to many places far and wide across the area; the football stadium, dog clinics, dog pensions and people’s homes. 

For 40 long hours the firefighting teams – true heroes – worked non-stop to put the fires out.  Unfortunately more than 350 hectares of forest burned.  No human loss is reported but livestock died, thousands of trees were destroyed and wildlife perished or lost their habitat.

We are grateful and relieved that, against all the odds, our refuge was spared from the flames and all our dogs are now back “home”.  They went through a lot and got terribly stressed.  They are abnormally quiet and sleep a lot. Hopefully they will quickly forget about these last days.

We want to express our gratitude to the firefighters, to the courageous people who helped us evacuating our dogs; the Fethiye authorities and the Fethiye shelter who provided manpower and trucks; Mayor of Fethiye Alim Karaca; Göcek municipality board member Fatih Ugan; Reeve of Göcek Farih Ugan; Göcek Football Club, who, amongst other things, authorised us to keep 100 + dogs at the football stadium; Kent Vet for their help; Göcek Vet for their help; Pet Garden Pension in Kargı who opened their doors in the middle of the night to take 60 of our dogs; Efe hotel who let us use their facilities and water; D Resort hotel and D Marin marina; the people who welcomed some dogs to their own house; all the volunteers who came to help care for the dogs at the stadium; all our friends who called, contacted us, donated money and food. It isn’t possible to name everyone individually – the list is endless – but we are forever in your debt.

Our staff, Murat, Imdat and Selman, have also been wonderful – they really worked very hard to keep the dogs safe and to give them comfort in this stressful time.  Thank you, boys.

This big operation is costing us a great deal of money – extra man power, fuel and costs for the dogs at the pension.  We need your help, can you please donate ?

There is a fund raising page where to give please visit our website to find out other ways you can help

The fire spreading towards Göcek
Going home

And now on to our newsletter…

Hello dear Friends.

We have been very busy over the last six months. Here are some of our achievements and on-going projects.

We now have a website  Please visit and follow Akkus’ blog for the latest news about the association.

We moved to the new shelter in February 2016.  Already 3 ½ years ago !  At that time, we were looking after 110 dogs. Today we have nearly 250 dogs at the shelter.  Every single week, we have to rescue dogs from the streets or some dogs are dumped at the shelter.  

We rehomed more than 70 dogs so far in 2019.  That is a great number.  Despite this success, we still have nearly 250 dogs looking for a home.

We need more than 2,000 Euros per month to buy dog food.  We are buying 1.5 tons of food every 10 days, 4.5 tons per month.  Plus wet food for the puppies and minced meat for the medicines..

A new rescued dog costs us more than 200 Euros the first year, food not-included. That covers vaccinations, sterilisation, chip and blood test, required to travel to the EU.  Please consider giving towards these expenses. It would help us to rehome more dogs.

More than 50 dogs will never leave the shelter. They are handicapped, too old or too shy to be rehomed and, sadly, they will never know what it is to have a home of their own.  14 of them have sponsors.  It helps towards medical treatments and some extra treats.  We need more sponsors – cost is 150 Euros per year. Contact us for details of our sponsor scheme. Sponsorship can be paid by monthly instalments. 

On average, we sterilize three dogs a week
All our dogs are sterilized and fully vaccinated. In March, 162 older dogs were re-vaccinated

Every single day, more than 20 dogs are treated for various illnesses – anaemia, diarrhoea, ear problems, eye problems, arthritis, mange etc.  Some medicinal dosages must be very precise and we bought a scale to be sure the dogs are getting the accurate amount.

Every three months, 240 dogs are de-wormed and treated against fleas and ticks.

It’s time-consuming and very expensive.

Every single day, we struggle to find enough money to look after the dogs at the shelter.  Our Association is completely financed by your gifts and we do not receive any subsidy from governments or from business. The good news is that there are many ways you can help.  Visit our website to see what you can do

Without your help, there is nothing we can do, please donate !

It is not only about dogs… 

So far in 2019, we have sterilised 53 cats.  Trapping street cats is time consuming and very expensive.  Luckily the “Eleanor project”, which started in 2011, covers the costs of neutering. Since 2011 to date, nearly 1,650 have been sterilised.  Thank you Eleanor.

If you know of any cats who need to be sterilised in Göcek, please contact us – we will help.

We rescued two donkeys dumped on the road and they need sponsorship.  Contact us for details of our sponsor scheme. The cost of food, hay and clover, providing a shelter and medical care to one donkey is Euros 500 per year. Several people can sponsor the same donkey, sharing the costs, or one single sponsor can pay the sponsorship fee by monthly instalments.  

All the above would not be possible without your financial support.

Because of your support, we have also helped other animals in need.  

A poor feral cat walked in acid and his four paws got burned – claws had to be removed.  He stayed some time at the clinic, then in a back room at the shelter.  Now he is back to where he used to live but he is handicapped and will be dependent on people feeding him for the rest of his life.

This cat had kidney stones and needed an operation.  The operation was a success and he is now back with his owner.

This street cat got attacked by a dog.  He is now back where he used to live.

Dusty, one of our rescues, needed to have one eye removed…  Hopefully he will make a full recovery.

We are lucky to have the medical help we need from the wonderful team at Kent Vet in Fethiye and we are grateful for all they do for our animals.

Going to Fethiye, nearly every day, is time consuming and expensive.  And our bills at the vet are astronomical. We need your help.

 Last April, a very strong storm and hailstones badly damaged the fences and sun awnings at the shelter.  Thanks to your donations via the fund raising page or directly to our account, we received enough money to make the needed repairs at the shelter.  We also reinforced some fences and some sections now have a permanent roof.

Last month, we made all the preparations for the summer – Fly traps, cutting grass around the shelter (snakes), white wash etc…  and we repaired some holes in the fences (the favourite hobby of the dogs being digging).

To end our newsletter on a positive note, see below some photos of our ex-rescues, who were lucky enough to find their golden basket.

Thank you for reading our newsletter.

Göcek Friends of the Environment and Animals – Yonca, Canan, Gulden, Uli, Christine, Grace, Sina, Aylin, Peter and Fergus

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Our Association is completely financed by your gifts and we do not receive any subsidy from governments or from businesses.