The Uzumlu Group raise money for the Uzumlu Environmental Protection Group

Thank you to Dave Roue for the update

The Uzumlu Group held their monthly Cake and Bake event in the Uzumlu Winehouse on Friday 31st May. Local villagers and expats took the opportunity to show off their baking skills by producing a wide range of savouries, cakes, muffins and cookies.

Charity News & Events – week ending 01 June 2019

The Group usually raises funds to benefit local children and have purchased computers for local schools, clothes and shoes and have funded essentials like hearing aids and glasses for children. This month, the Uzumlu Group made the decision to donate their profits from the Cake and Bake to the Uzumlu Environmental Protection Group who are opposing the quarry expansion, proposed cement works and asphalt plant.

Protecting our environment for future generations and youth is a priority for both Groups. A magnificent 1414.50tl was raised from the sale of goodies and from the raffle. There were also a couple of individual donations which took the total to almost 2000tl.

The Uzumlu Environment Protection Group send huge thanks to the bakers, the customers, The Winehouse and of course to the Uzumlu Group for supporting them.

Some of the money will be spent raising awareness by producing leaflets, posters and a survey form. The ultimate aim of the Group is to get a Protection Zone in place for the villages of Nif, Koruköy, Incirköy, Űzűmlű and Kızılbel to stop any future industrialization.

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