Fethiye school receives a donation of schoolwear from the UK

Members of Fethiye International Group (FIG) and FETAV Dirctor, Dilek Dinçer visited Akıncı Special Education School to make a donation of children’s sweatshirts, t-shirts and cardigans on Thursday.

The clothing was donated by a school in the UK to the Card Shop in Fethiye, who, in turn, contacted FIG to arrange a suitable school to receive the donation.

Charity News & Events – week ending 18 May 2019
Stephan Bramleysmith and Jackson Stuart from The Card Shop pictured here with Ann-Marie Clark and Aimee Smithson Lonsdale from the FIG Management Team

FIG agreed with FETAV to donate the clothing to Akıncı Special Education School for children with complex special needs.

Charity News & Events – week ending 18 May 2019

FIG Management Team member, Ann-Marie Clark said “It was a wonderful visit and we got to meet the headteacher and some others staff members and even had the pleasure of popping into a few of the classrooms to see the lessons in progress.”

The FIG team extend their thanks to the Card Shop for making this possible.

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