The inaugural meeting of Animal Care Uzumlu (ACU) was held at Park Alya Restaurant on Thursday 21st February 2019.

30 members attended the meeting which was held to officially elect the Board members for the registered charity and for a general update.
Charity News & Events – week ending 23 February 2019 - Inaugural meeting of Animal Care Uzumlu (ACU)

The meeting was initially addressed by Zeynep Ebru Aksoy who was elected chairman of the meeting.

In respect and accordance with Turkish Custom the National Anthem of Turkey was played prior to the start of the meeting.

Brenda Singleton was then invited by the chairman to summarise to past 3 months since the charity was inaugurated.

Brenda explained that 25300tl was raised to support the Seydikemer Dogs that were dumped in Koruköy, this money was ring fenced from the general ACU fund raising accounts and all monies raised have been specifically accounted for.

A pop-up shop was opened in Üzümlü Village centre on the 7th December 2018 and is open every Friday except when the Uzumlu Group have their Monthly Bake Sale.

The total number of animals that were neutered were 11 dogs and 27 cats. The charity helps to feed and care for approximately 150 animals every day and whilst finances are stretched at times, fundraising activities, sponsorship, sales, events and donations usually cover the expenditure.
The reading of the statement was unanimously approved by the members present.

Projects for 2019

Projects for 2019 are to run a neutering program for animal owners in Üzümlü, to encourage more residents to provide food and water for the street animals and to erect signage to promote these initiatives. The Charity will try to hold more events to attract a more multi cultural group, increase the number of volunteers and to increase the number of business and private sponsors.

It was explained that ACU Charity can be used as a conduit to legally raise funds by other groups that are still too small to set up their own charities, HANDS, Seydikemer, and AFOT being examples.

It was agreed by all that neutering and education must be at the forefront of information sharing.

Election of Board members

The meeting then went on to approve the Board members who are responsible for the legal running of the charity.

The following members have been elected to their respective responsiblities:
Zeynep Ebru Aksoy – General Secretary
Brenda Singleton – President
Christine Hughes – Vice President
Denise Atkins – Treasurer
Clare Ganioğlu – Member

Should any of the above not be available for any reason a Second Level Board was elected. Members are Jeff Singleton,  Tina Kusch,  Kay Cummins, Anne Kapteinat,  Hayal Dedeoğlu Ozbaylan.

All Board members were elected unanimously.

The chairman then moved on to several other motions that needed approval from members.

Should the need arise the Board were given unanimous approval to rent property or to cancel such rentals.

Unanimous approval was also given to allow setting up businesses for the specific purpose to raise funds for ACU.

The members were then invited to ask questions about the running of the Charity and a lively discussion took place. Ebru explained that ACU is here to support everyone and people should be encouraged to to ask for help if needed.

For more information about ACU, please visit them on Facebook

Thank you to Dave Roue for the update and photographs.