The Board and Trustees of FETAV, hereby give formal notice of the suspension of the Fethiye International Group (FIG) as of 19 June 2018 until further notice.

This decision has been made as a result of the failure of the current FIG committee to adhere to the operating and communication requirements of the governing body, FETAV.

FIG is a volunteer group working under FETAV and as it is not possible for FIG to have an individual identity, or separate management, FETAV is responsible for all the activities involving FIG and FIG has to provide and submit comprehensive, consistent and accurate information, as requested by FETAV.

After several meetings and warnings, the FETAV board has decided that the communication problems experienced with FIG are irredeemable and has further decided that it will not be possible to work with the current FIG Committee.

As of 18 June 2018, the FETAV board will suspend all relations with the current FIG Committee.

While we are deeply concerned about this regrettable situation, there is now no alternative way to ensure the viability of FIG.

This is in no way a reflection on the FIG volunteers.

Please note that any fundraising activities on behalf of FIG are not authorised until further notice.

What’s next for FIG?

The FETAV board will look into the formation of a new management committee for the FIG volunteer group.

An election will be held over the coming months for a new Chairman and committee and, with the full support of FETAV, a new constitution and operating procedures will be agreed, after which FIG will resume operations

Details of the positions and responsibilities of each role within the new committee will be published in advance of the election and interested parties will be invited to register to become part of the new and updated Fethiye International Group. FETAV will also be looking for more volunteers for FIG.

The election process and future FIG operations will be completely transparent and regular progress updates will be published.

FETAV will keep the disruption to current volunteers to a minimum.

Fethiye International Group Suspension of Trading- Notice from the Board of FETAV




The FETAV Board