If you look across the road from Baba Fırın in Çalış, you will see the HAYED Education Park which will be opening very soon.

HAYED have worked very hard over the last year or so to find a suitable location and raise money to build the park.

Fethiye Belediye (Municipality) is working with HAYED to support street animals and they have provided HAYED with the ‘where’ – a purpose-built, chalet-style building on its own piece of land where educational activities about animal well-being and safety will take place.

HAYED Education Park opening soonHAYED Education Park opening soon

That’s step one complete and now they need your help to kit the Education Park out.

How can you help?

HAYED need the following items for the Education Park

Large Refrigerator
Large Safe to store donation receipts, legal papers and training equipment
Table & chairs for meeting room
Screen for outdoor training
Tables & chairs for outdoor training
Overhead projector
Presenter clicker with laser
Coffee machine
Tea machine
Toaster oven
Water system for drinking water
Garbage & Recycling bins
Paper coffee cups/Cay glasses
Bookshelf for Library
Books & Media for Library
Exam table for vet
Heat / Air System
Children toys for play area
Garden gate for the front walkway
3D Software for education from support@designmate.com

HAYED Education Park opening soon

There will be a volunteer clean-up day scheduled in the near future. The following will be needed for that day to be successful.

Garbage bags
Mop & Bucket
Floor Cleaner
Bathroom Toilet Brush & Cleanser
Paper Towels
Window cleaner
Kitchen cleaner
Broom & Dust Pan
Wood Cleaner
Rake, Shovel, Ladder
Plastic gloves
Toilet paper
Paper towels for bathroom
Hand soap for bathroom
Water & Snacks for Volunteers
Folding Table and Cooler for Water & Snacks

If you would like to make a donation you can call 0531 710 4141 or post what you would like to donate on the HAYED Facebook page. Someone will contact you and arrange to pick up your donated goods.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to make a financial donation, you can do that through Pay Pal or direct to a Bank account. Information can be found on the HAYED Facebook page for TL, EUR, USD, GBP.

More about HAYED

HAYED is a new charity formed by the merger of three, previously FETAV (Fethiye Tourism Promotional Cultural Environment & Education Foundation) hosted voluntary organisations,  FethiyeHayvanDostlari (FHD), Fethiye Animal Aid and Animal Care Üzümlü.

HAYED’s VISION – We believe that Humans, Plants and Animals should be able to live together free of harm and safe. We will educate humans on the importance of neutering and vaccinations and living together in harmony.

HAYED’s MISSION – To develop projects and activities to make our vision a reality. Education to all about the safety and well being of animals (people’s pets, street animals and wild animals). HAYED needs to be the voice of the animals and educate the public.

HAYED is now a registered charity and there are more stricter rules that must be adhered to. All members must be registered.

For help with an animal in need (non-emergency) you can either post on HAYED Facebook page or call 0531 710 4141. Both are manned by Turkish and English volunteers.

October 4, 2018 will be the first HAYED Animal Festival at the Education Park in celebration of National Animal Safety & Protection Month. FethiyeHayvanDostlari has been holding these festive days for two years with local schools and this will be the first time it will be held in an open area for the public to participate.

The Education Program that HAYED plan to continue started in October, 2016. Within one year FethiyeHayvanDostlari were able to go to 30 schools and educate 15,109 children about animals. Last week they went to pre-schools for education about animals and educated 600 pre-school children. They are supported by the Government Education Group.

Until the Park is officially open, volunteers will be at the Education Park from 1:30-3:30 to help and provide information.

Fethiye Mayor Behçet SAATCI, is an Honourable Member of HAYED. There will be a Ribbon Cutting Opening Ceremony in the near future. Information will be provided once the date is set.

For more information about HAYED please visit them on Facebook