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FIG donates a projector tor Kayaköy First School

FIG (Fethiye Intenational Group) paid a visit to Kayaköy First School on Monday to present them with a projector donated by one of FIG’s supporters.

Charity News & Events – week ending 25 November 2017

It was highlighted that the school needed a projector during a visit by Kate Topcu to present the school with a donation collected by the Dancing Diva’s at the Kayaköy Festival in May.

FIG Chairman, Sheila Tongue said “We were given such a warm welcome by the school and everyone was very happy to receive the projector. FIG have also agreed to pay the school’s monthly stationery bill to support them further” 

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FIG Christmas Fayre

Don’t miss out on the FIG Christmas Fayre which will be held on Tuesday 28th November NOT Tuesday 21st November as originally advertised.

All other details are the same.